🇳🇱TOTAL FOOTBALL!🇳🇱 Van Gaal's 3-1-2-1-3 (Ajax 1995) replication! FM20 Tactics


Through RDF’s own interpretation, he’s replicating the famous Ajax ‘Total Football’ tactic for Football Manager 2020. Play pleasing football in FM2020 like Van Gaal did at Ajax during the 1995 season.

With this recreation, Ajax managed to get 62% avg possession, 90% pass completion with 18,448 passes completed in the league.

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  1. FM Scout says

    LINK TO MY (RDF x SCOUT) DISCORD CHANNEL – https://discord.gg/SdFbfqZThank you guys – RDF

  2. Michael Clince says

    The striker should be a pressing forward rather than advanced. The strikers main role was to stretch the play with off the ball movement but not to be the focal point like an advanced forward. His purpose was to create space for litmanen to run into.

  3. Einzeik says

    Maybe do Vicente del Bosque's Spain next? 2008/12 Euro and 2010 World Cup. The team that get me into football.

  4. iShakezbeer says

    Yo RDF mind giving us the Sarriball in Napoli 17/18 season? Would he dope to see your aproach 👌Have a good one

  5. zig z says

    Arrrigo sachi ac milan plz RDF

  6. DmgOggo2011 says

    I would like to see a recreation of Naggelsmann 3-4-2-1. The knowledge of this man is amazing and if there's someone who can do it is you mate

  7. TheVanpablo79 says

    Can Gaal didn’t use “total football”.He used a tiki taka that was stricter tan Pep’s 2008/09 version.

  8. R69NiX says

    Pretty much impossible to do properly. You just cant represent the two outside centerbacks come fullbacks. Just not possible on the tactics/match engine. Like I can see from the video here that they dont play like de Boe & Reizeger did IRL.Fascinating system though, probably the most unique and interesting system ever. And it was amazing.

  9. Mwansa Mushingwa II says

    I beg you my good man, Leonardo Jardim's 16/17 Monaco

  10. Yves Nelissen says

    One thing was they played 4-3-3 in real life but one cb joined the midfield to make it 3-4-3

  11. Akunwanne Prosper says


  12. Ted Jarman says

    Maybe a bit of an out there suggestion, but what about a 1-2-7 or a 2-6-2 tactic?

  13. Nevem a nevem says

    Can you recreate Sergij Rebrov's Ferencváros or Marco Rossi's Hungarian national team tactics ? 😅🙏

  14. Mega thrash says

    How does the Libero work with the offside trap? Don't you have any problems?

  15. William Ekström Paulsson says

    Can you try and recreate Spurs tactics from this season 🙂

  16. Νίκος Καραγιάννης Επίσημο Κανάλι says

    My friend RDF, can you look at the very good work that Pedro Martins does to the champion and cup winner of Greece Olympiakos and that reached the 16 of the Europa League and upload his tactics ???

  17. JHISHNU M says

    Rdf now that u've done van Gaal's tactic how about Sarri's Napoli as his Napoli was once considered the most attractive team to watch in Europe

  18. Zen Zaini says

    Massimiliano Allegri's Juventus 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  19. Or Barak says

    too much attacking, does not fit modern football… Maybe a team like ajax and PSG who are much much stronger then their league

  20. JoHi says

    What do you think of using a trequartista for the nr.10 role? A bit more of an advanced playmaker, but still very attacking.

  21. Darth Watson says


  22. Tawanda Yimna Nyika says

    Wenger Tactics

  23. Scott Miles says

    Would love to see a Hungarian tactic from mighty Magyars when they beat England 6-3 and 7-1

  24. Reuben Clarke says

    Need some Tony Pulis tactic in my life not gonna lie

  25. Andre ADG says

    Not all heroes wear capes. What a man…

  26. Vitor Silva says

    Brasil 1982 (Spain 82)Zico, Sócrates, Falcão E Cerezo.

  27. Scott Miles says

    First 🤣

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