10 Fashion & Style Hacks Every Man Should Know


Life’s hard. So if there’s an easy way of doing things, well, you can always colour us interested. Looking your best costs time and money, so to save you a bit of both, we’ve cobbled together a list of ways you can cut corners without sacrificing so much as an ounce of style.

1. How To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves Like A Marine
2. How To Pick The Right Socks For Your Outfit
3. How To Debobble Your Knitwear
4. Why You Should Rotate Your Shoe Collection
5. How To Get Rid Of Creases With Ice Cubes
6. Why You Should Swap Hair Gel For Moisturiser
7. How To Get Rid Of Red Wine Stains
8. How To Unshrink Your Clothes After Washing Too Hot
9. Why It’s Worth Taking Photos Of Clothes That Fit You Perfectly
10. How You Can Spot Clean Stains With Toothpaste

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