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  1. Michele Davenport says

    When I’m at Trader Joe’s and I do this often when I check out I say please ring up the roses in my cart twice and the next person in line would you please have them go pick out some roses for themselves on me. I also love doing this at coffee houses as well or grocery stores. As I’m lead I do this wherever I am, movies, dinner wherever. The one prayer I pray everyday is, Lord use me to be an answer to someone else’s prayer today and this prayer has lead me to many many places. ❤️

  2. mizz187gyrl says

    What dry Brush do you recommend?

  3. Dina Carr says

    Аdult Оnlу 18+ !!!
    ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ .ONLINE

    Leurs états de santé
    respectifs les empechent…. en su

  4. Trennia Smith says

    Where did you find your dry brusher

  5. Inês Tavares says

    ok she is exactly like Barbara Palvin….

  6. Jessica Gallegos says

    Me staring at my dry brush I've been using as a scrub brush …. crap

  7. Robin Wallace says

    Your videos help someone every day!!❤️🤟🏻

  8. Carrie Piquette-Henderson says

    sent my brother a card

  9. Bonnie Smith says

    Great tips! New subscriber here 😊 The dry brushing, definitely review if you have preconditions with the lymphatic system as the direction of brushing will change

  10. Teri S. says

    Adding these to my self-care routine tfs!

  11. katia says

    We actually put our covers and sheets (even pillows) on our window rails under the sun every morning.

  12. Cambria Nelson says

    I love this video, so good!

  13. Eli R says

    I do the same with my bed🤗

  14. marina choban says

    Nice to meet you, beautiful soul 🥰

  15. My Black Cat says

    I have IBS and I had acne when I was younger, probiotic is very important nowadays, because our food is not so organic as before.

  16. MLBB Player says

    i was watching this sitting on my bed and at the moment she said stretch i open eyes wide n started to pretend m a yoga cat xD

  17. Atlin Zahnow says

    Lymphatic drainage too for the dry brushing!!

  18. Ibu Septi & Ayyash says

    Very love your videos! I am new subscriber from Indonesia.

  19. Delainey Bragg says

    Man… I sleep completely naked and when I'm in a place where I have to wear clothes when sleeping I'm so uncomfortable and can feel now much of a difference there is in my body

  20. Sreenath Sowdam says
  21. Francis Mausley says

    Excellent. Thanks. My dailies: pray (Baha'i), meditate (briefly), self-acupressure (dry brushing), scent (lavender), breathe (diaphramic), diet (plant-based), laugh (friends/videos), exercise (walking), learn (often science), read positive belief system (Baha'i), music (harmonious), fast (intermittent), supplement (selective), find beauty (anywhere), sleep (circadian), work (as worship), get support (or socialize/help someone) 🙂 ~ Most ideas by Abdul-Baha, Baha'i Faith

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