10 Incredible PS2 Games Everyone Has Forgotten


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  1. Joshua Horne says

    Bushido Blade

  2. Nuroxic says

    I love VJ! I still have it for my GameCube! One of my favorite games. So many memories!

  3. unchartedrocks1 says

    1. Xii
    2. PSI: Ops Mindgate Conspiracy
    3. Black
    4. Dead to Rights
    5. Time Splitter series
    6. Tenchu
    8. 007: Nightfire

  4. Dean says

    Second Sight was great, but it's not that forgotten.

  5. Mikey Kliss says

    Absolutely loved the Suikoden series. Elysium Chronicles will be the spiritual successor for that series.

  6. Karim Mamdouh says

    Okami was a criminally underrated masterpiece…

  7. Dudley2346 says

    'Rule Of Rose' was fantastic! And I wish they'd remake '007 Racing'.

  8. Bran Bro says

    Does anyone remember Fur Fighters, one of my favourites.

  9. JIGSAW POH says

    Well I was expect Onimusha series but just remembered they had a remastered a few years ago so yeep

  10. xSolidx xSnakex says

    Sorry but damn girl your fine af. J/s

  11. dylan bishop says

    Dark Cloud 2 was amazing and still is. It took everything from the first game and improved upon it in almost every way. Another one from level 5 games was Rogue Galaxy. Was the first game to try to have zero loading screens. It did a pretty good job with only some happening every so often. Was amazingly fun as well.

  12. JJ Jet says

    "Second Sight is superior to Psi-Ops."

    Never have I heard such a lie told.

  13. GappyRanks says

    COol that this sounds like the presenter hasn't seen the script prior to recording and has been banned from doing additional takes

  14. Film Fan 1234 says

    It is a great bond game

  15. Goofy dragon says

    I really wish they'd remake the suffering, such a good and actual scary game (at least it scared me). On side note im not sure if it was ever on ps2 but id like to see star fox command/assault remade too

  16. The Jimbobway says

    Where’s Ben 10 protector of earth?

  17. Lou York says

    I absolutely loved Mark of Kri

  18. Dawson Ages says

    Did she just say second sight was better the psi-ops?? Oh helll noooooo


    Tenchu Z was amazing…. I don't see how you don't like it.

  20. Detective Squirrel says

    I loved the original Tenchu on the Playstation, one of the best games on the system. I did not like 2 or Wrath of Heaven. I remember seeing Second Sight, never played it and don't know any others on this list.

  21. Tavi 959 says

    I loved Second Sight back in the day. Excellent mechanics, a top notch story and overall well executed. I'd love to see a remaster or a sequel someday.

  22. NoMercyTVGaming says

    Honestly one of WM best lists

  23. Dragoon4040 says

    Unfortunately Konami owns the rights to Bloody Roar

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