10 Video Game Boss Battles Who Tricked You Into Thinking You'd Won


Just because the health bar has depleted, doesn’t mean you’ve won…

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  1. Planet Nate Gaming says

    Doom 2016 Cyberdemon is a joke because you can rinse its health by shooting the BFG at it and opening the weapon wheel and while the weapon wheel is open the cyberdemon still takes damage

  2. Kitty Vixen says

    Goopy and the others only had a 3rd fight if you played on normal.

  3. Cancelled Visual says

    Anyone else looks forward to the end of the videos now. Love ya man

  4. Drink Bleach says

    First boss in dead space 2

  5. Milos Misic says

    Fatal Fury Dominated Mind anyone? For me that mind-blowing what the boss does to you when you think you got him

  6. Henry Price says

    Bowser, Super Mario Brothers.

  7. Tory Moore says

    Jules, I do have to ask what happened to the per list thing now but also legit have to say thank you for those endings.

  8. True Monado says

    Ganondorf and Mother Brain would like to know your location

  9. Joshua Sellers says

    Kinda supprised that the one robo boss from Star Fox wasnt in here.

  10. Sasha Soltys says

    Jules is the spirit of Whatculture

  11. Daniel Skelton says

    First time. I played Hallow Knight I straight up stopped playing thanks to the Soul Master. Super frustrating. I did end up beating it years later when I encountered ever harder bosses. He actually was pretty easy with my rematch.

  12. Anthony johnson says

    Big fan Jules man you like the messages at the end of the videos bro

  13. wayne julian says

    what about the fight with kashin koji from nioh 2 he gets back up summons the dark realm and shadow clones you to death

  14. Conor Darcy says

    8:53 "This fight of the phase"

  15. Al Dusty says

    I expected Yuyuko Saigyouji from Touhou 06 Perfect Cherry blossom here

  16. un_known says

    i'd be deeply surprised if anyone got tricked by goopy in Cuphead….. as well…. you know the fight is over (for any boss fight btw…..) when you see "KNOCKOUT!!!" flashed over your screen……..

  17. Darkstar Darin says

    The Cyberdemon didn't really feel like trick to me, just got an extra life to lose when it got home.

  18. ShadowJ. Creed says

    The Guardian Ape sure is an absolute crazy thing that many others didn’t expect to happen, but it’s always weird to me that no one talks about the second boss fight against the Ape and his mate that he found. It didn’t die after the second phase fight with it because of that weird immortality giving parasite thing that you can only kill with the Mortal Blade. So technically the Guardian Ape comes back not once for you to fight him again, but twice.

  19. Jonathan Intravaia says

    Always appreciate the encouragement from Jules!

  20. Matthew Ponce says

    photoshop flowey
    ptsd that will last forever

  21. Fang Zhang says

    Thank you for the kind words Jules

  22. Kira Parker says

    You can almost donate video strictly on final fantasy bosses. Every ff boss has that problem of resurrection and two or more phases.

  23. McChes says

    8:53 – This “fight of the phase”? Bit of Mrs Malaprop slipping in there.

  24. Indeciine says

    no offense, but soul master, with the exception of soul tyrant, was pretty easy.

  25. justin. says


  26. Lucky Squire says

    I remember having so much trouble with soul of cinder, dying way too many times, dealing barely any damage etc, that when I finally beat him with one estus left I set the controller down and sighed, only for him to go into his second phase.

  27. Nathan Tyler says

    I love jules but I'm truly sick of seeing the same games with slightly different wording, at this point I'm considering unsubscribing, there are a wealth of games out there. Make new content!!!

  28. Josh Davis says

    I absolutely live for your end comments. The last few months have been harder physically and mentally than I have ever had to get through, but I've also learned more about my own emotions and mind in that time than ever before. Lost my job, health insurance, access to my anxiety medication, and eventually my confidence. I'm not gonna say your videos saved my life, but a combined affect of many things may have. Now I've got a new job, great benefits, and a renewed want for self improvement and growth. Maybe the universe wanted me to hear your messages. Either way, thank you for your support while I was at my lowest.

  29. no quality gameplay here says

    Easy solem gradey form arkahm city

  30. Jc R says

    Dam jules….your words of wisdom really hit hard today….thank you

  31. Tatienou orest says

    Say Gill is the strongest character in the game… Proceed to show a video of you destroying him flawlessly twice

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