2-Bit Gaming – 022 – Sega Game Gear Repair (LCD Screen Fix)


A show that details many aspects of the video game industry. Episode 022 is a tutorial on how to fix a poor video quality on a Sega Game Gear caused by bad capacitors. It does take soldering skills so be warned. Here’s a PDF so you can print out the instructions:

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Disclaimer: By performing this repair you risk accidentally damaging your Sega Game Gear. I am not responsible for any damage you may inadvertently cause to your system. I do not guarantee that this repair will fix your console as there may be many causes of video failure. Soldering electronics is always a risky enterprise; if you dont have much experience doing it have a friend do it for you. Soldering irons are very hot and should be handled with extreme care. By continuing to watch this tutorial, you agree to do this repair at your own risk.

For this maintenance job, you will need:

1. Towl or Sheet so you dont scratch the Game Gears screen
1. Security Screwdriver
1.Philips Screwdriver
1. Bowl to collect loose screws
1. Pair of Pliers
1. Several (Microfarad) capacitors. I buy from www.mouser.com
A soldering iron & lead free solder with flux
Rubber gloves

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  1. poppy0090 says

    You are absolutely amazing man. I have a ton of soldering experience from being an audio engineer, and I suspected that the capacitor was the problem, but you really cleared things up! Thanks a lot man! You made my day.

  2. Nicholas Carson says

    Would this fix dead pixels on the screen as weel or would I need to replace the actual LCD screen?

  3. MrBuckshot198722 says

    What happen to this channel there has not been any video uploads in a long time

  4. MrFeyerwire says

    I ignore your disclaimer !!! and when I fail epically at trying to replace my audio and video capacitors in my Sega Game Gear, I am totally going to jump to conclusions and blame your stupid video, instead of my crappy soldering abilities (I mean solder bridge is totally ok right ? LOL) LOL JK: ) Thanks for the video it is helpful, ever since I successfully replaced/ soldered a new speaker in a broken Gameboy Color I had, I have been feeling all super ballsy and have decided to tackle these two failing Game Gears I have, so I can play some titles from my large Game Gear collection as well as make my younger brothers boyhood dream of owning a game gear, a reality LOL

  5. LeopsAngra Batista says

    Friend Sega Game Gear you took the capacitors and to Do what you want? and to correct video quality?

  6. Christopher Esposito says

    Oh, and one thing:
    You said a couple of times that it's important that the replacement caps have the same capacitance as the original one. This isn't always true; it depends on the cap.
    Depending on how the cap is used, you can often get away with using something a slightly larger capacitance (e.g. if the output of a DC-DC converter has a 100uF on it originally and you replace it with a 220uF, it'll actually do a better job of suppressing ripple than it was before!).
    Of course, for things like timing/PWM caps, the capacitance has to be as close as possible to the original.
    But not all caps!

  7. Christopher Esposito says

    Brilliant! This did the job on a dead game gear that came into my store! Half a (fun) hour later and I've turned $20 of stock into $80. 🙂

  8. elchancleta pasmado says

    then…I need to try replaced capacitors…but if its not work….do I have replaced New screen?

  9. elchancleta pasmado says

    What is the problem if the game gear screen is on blank with sound?

  10. sprybug says

    I've done this job many times before as with other electronics projects and I highly do not recommend just using pliers and "ripping off" the old caps, unless you're talking about desoldering them first then taking the pliers to take them off because of the glue. You can actually damage the GG that way by also ripping off the contacts with the caps as well if you don't desolder it first, losing your solder pad to solder the new one on to. I recommend using your soldering iron to heat up the point of contacts and then lifting them off one lead at a time to preserve the solder pads. Many times these bad caps will leak as well and corrode the pads and area around it, so you also want to clean these areas as well as you can with Isopropyl alcohol or other similar types of electronic cleaner. If you don't the areas with the leakage will continue to corrode your board and surrounding components over time and when that happens your GG will get to the point of being unsalvagable.

  11. MR Germain says

    I found cheap capacitors on Amazon.com, the vendor name is Procapacitor.
    He was very professionnal and honnest, he also manufactures custom kits.

  12. Zuckerton says

    I had my Game Gear apart today and changed all the capacitors, but it's still giving me the same issue. I not only have to turn the contrast UP, but I also have to push in on the wheel in order to see anything.

    I have a feeling it could be something with the contrast wheel. There appears to be some dead pixels on the screen as well. And the huge circular contact for the d pad appears to have some heavy corrosion as the prior owner left batteries in it and they leaked over time. When I press "back" on the d pad, the screen gets darker.

    I've been heavily considering the GGTV and internal LCD mod, if only I could find a tutorial on both together.

  13. Marcelo Cunha says

    So I'm from Brazil and had a hard time searching for the right capacitors.Found the right μF but not the right voltage. For example, I need one with 10 volts, but couldn't find any with less than 50 volts. Can I use it?

  14. GetYourGameOn says

    thnx for vid,,,what we would do withpout youtube

  15. Patchouli says

    When I first got my Gamegear, the screen looked a bit washed out. I thought nothing of it since I was a kid, but after a few years of being packed up, the screen just displays nothing but black with some vertical lines. I popped it apart and cleaned everything up in there, and no dice. Would this still fall under the cap replacement? I mean, I've seen people just go full out and LCD mod it instead.

  16. Emerald Marine says

    Hello, I have the same question as Gilso1987.

    My Game Gear shows horizontal lines when I turn it on(Looking at it from different angles and changing the contrast doesn't help) would changing the capacitors help me too?

  17. Marco Aguiar says

    Cool! Good video! Thank's!

  18. Dad1972hthorn says

    Great advice thank you very much.

  19. GWorkshop says

    I have a doubt, like there's lots of capacitors with very different specifications, I know that the uF must be exactly the same as the normal capacitor on  GG, but can the Voltage have like 2x or 3x higher V than the normal Voltage in capacitor (as long the voltage isn't lesser than the normal)?

  20. gilso1987 says

    Hi, My sega game gear shows white horizontal lines when I turn it on! Will changing the capacitors fix the problem I have?

  21. gilso1987 says

    Hi, My sega game gear shows white horizontal lines when I turn it on! Will changing the capacitors fix the problem I have?

  22. DestructiveBurn says

    Ya bad batch Mine is a victim of it.

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