2 Girls Travel The World On $30 A Day – TRAILER


Around the world. On the cheap. In a web series.

Follow two hilarious best friends as they explore the world on a budget of just $30 a day. They hitchhike, couchsurf, street perform, overeat, laugh, yell, and get really sweaty. Like water beard sweaty. There is no script. These are not professionals. They’re just a pair of young ladies intent on proving that adventure, friendship, and broader horizons needn’t have hefty price tags.

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  1. MrTeG3SH says

    What happened to you guys???

  2. Charlotte Croghan says

    Where are you now omg

  3. Güneş Bulut says

    What happened to these girls after jordan, are they still alive

  4. Laura Del Mundo says

    What happened to you guys?

  5. Maybe Kali says

    Please come back and finish the series

  6. Alejandra Rodriguez says

    Does anyone know what happened to these ladies? It's been a year!

  7. Sydney Strohm says

    Come back 🙁

  8. Wander Lust says


  9. Brianna Brewer says

    Still waiting for the rest of your trip to be uploaded…. 🙁

  10. Max Star says

    it's been 8 months now 🙁 where you at??

  11. Victoria Silva says

    You guys never post anymore!! Its been a YEAR

  12. A / S says


  13. Wander Lust says

    I keep coming back to this channel to see if there's any new videos 😂

  14. Shana Hernandez says

    I love these videos. Where are the rest?

  15. Daniel says

    Can you guys confirm you are still alive?

  16. Ryan says

    Damn this is a good trailer.

  17. Jay Bee says

    Love the series! I binge watched them… and now have inside jokes with the videos

  18. Mariah Onorati says

    ur not dead right???

  19. Carrie Cunningham says

    Please post you are hilarious

  20. Nik Leiser says

    ridiculously underrated channel. Ten times better than aswesome.

    Found you at Hey Nadines page…

  21. Jamie Norris says

    The second time these two have disappeared.

    C'mon ladies……………..

  22. Jana Nuyens says

    I want to see what happens after Jordan! Love the series, love the way you two travel, real inspiration

  23. abbyroxursox1 says

    Please post more videos!!

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