2017 TRAVEL VLOGGING GEAR | Camera + Equipment


This is all of our camera gear we have traveled the world with the past year! Make sure you use our Amazon links below 🙂

Our current camera setup:

Our suitcases:

Our gear backpacks:

This vlogging camera list is described in detail in the video as well as above in our gear list PDF 🙂

***TRAVEL VLOG 287***
Song by Handbook: Bird (Remix)

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  1. Md. Faruk-E-Azam says

    You guys are cool & beautiful. May Allah bless you.

  2. Farbar1955 says

    That 4-outlet travel power strip you have is currently unavailable (the company sold out of them). I'm suspecting it's because of this video! I hope they make more of them but add a couple of USB outlets to it!

  3. Nala says

    Our gear backpacks: @t – I goes its a link to the old one – do you have a link for the one in thisvideo?

  4. Nala says

    Our suitcases: @t the link doesn't work . thanks

  5. Megan Tam says

    Started watching them in 2020! I’m such a fan now!! 💕 Is it me or did they lose their Texan accent over the years 😂

  6. Radim Mrázek says

    Hi, are you still shooting on GOPRO HERO 5?

  7. Gaurav Sahu says

    Thanks. nice video . cleared a lot of doubts!!

  8. James Smith says

    Why does the opening song have a high pitched tone behind it? It's excruciating to listen too

  9. Chris Martin says

    Love the backpack you showed in Vlog 287 where did you buy it at? Is it still available do you know? Thanks!

  10. Atamert Ketum says


  11. Charly says

    what is the name of this backpack? Pleaseeee

  12. Lee Hunter says

    What's the name and website you got your memory card charger.

  13. Meredith says

    GAH! I'm desperate to find that bag but the link's been updated to their new backback setup. Kara also doesn't say the name of the bag at any point, just that they found it on Amazon. I've been searching and I can't find it!

  14. Paul Nakdi says

    Nate- my dji mavic is so small

    Dji spark- am I a joke

  15. Meg Lap says

    It may sound gross… but, if you wipe some spit on the GoPro case, water droplets will not be so bad. We use ours for whitewater kayaking and that does the trick for reducing water spots. Thanks for sharing all your gear! Y’all make some wonderful vlogs! I can’t wait to see what y’all do in 2020 !

  16. averagelookingwookie says

    Whoa what happened to your accents?

  17. Derek Holcomb says

    The enthusiasm and positive attitudes are so great from you two!

  18. Marvin Heisten says

    cool great info work stuff

  19. AIRIAN says

    You have ver very nice gear! I like your set up! Only 1 suggestion, it maybe better to upgrade from GoPro to osmo action, which has much better stabilization + much less image distortion. Only 300$ so nice.

  20. kimmyPlayz says

    Very nice videos guys amazing places!!

  21. MeiLi Mccannsayles says

    kara: I will never use a different one.
    I have used different ones

  22. Rachel Sandstrom says

    This is so perfect! Was just about to ask if you could show how you pack all your electronics and then you did. I’m not even into camera gear. I just get excited about organisation and packing cos I’m a weirdo like that. Thanks!

  23. Marcie Denise says

    Love this

  24. Lori Garcia says

    Hi guys, love your videos! Quick question about equipment: I've been researching gimbels for my DSLR (Canon II Mark IV) and there appears to be an add-on called a Servo Follow Focus. Do you guys have that and is it necessary? On our last trip to New Orleans, I tried to take some video without any sort of stabilizer, and well, as you can imagine, it was a hot mess! Thanks for your help! Here is a link to the one on Amazon with the servo:



  25. Robyn Lawlor says

    FYI: The drone link is not working anymore.

  26. Dinesh Gopichand says

    Hey guys, Just wanted to ask about the Sony A6500, are there any heating issues, if so after how long and do you face any issues while vlogging without a reversible articulated screen? Did you ever want to jump back to Canon M50 just because of that reversible screen and overheating issue?
    And did I mention you guys are one of the best content creators, a big thumbs up.

  27. George de Jong says

    Thanks for sharing. By far the best travel videos on YouTube.

  28. scarletfluerr says

    Did the solar panel fold out thing that you used in Nepal get lost or broken?

  29. Charles Cushman says

    Are you still using the same backpack? Does it fit under the airplane seat?

  30. Rhonda Really says

    I can't help but think about how heavy all that is to carry! I respect your dedication so much more!

  31. Mustafa Eyad says

    RIP Dronie Boy :'(

  32. DR KUSUM DASH says


  33. Eimantas Lesinskas says

    Does anyone knows the remix of the song please?

  34. Ayda Sid says

    This comment does not have anything to do with this vlog. Just a general observation. Nate loves you so much Kara! It shows in the way he looks at you. You are so lucky! But I don’t blame him. You are so lovable and adorable.

  35. Emma Jones says

    What a lot of heavy stuff to hump around! Respect.

  36. essa leigh says

    What GoPro waterproof housing do you use? Supersuit or knockoff?

  37. Vivek says

    You guys are just so cute. Best couple ever 💐

  38. lee pagnini says

    Great video on your "stuff".

  39. Ashish Bijwe says

    Do we need to get Drone licence for Vlogging? Can you please shed some more light on the usage of drones in Vlogging. Any challenges you had to overcome, such as local laws, operational issues, etc.,

  40. Travel with DocAmy says

    I love my Mavic Pro! Hey I have a question… I just added this Gimbal. We are headed to the Galapagos for a 3 week boat tour and I am wondering if you leave this gimbal in teh black case for travel and in your backpack, or do you leave this hard black case at home? It is the one it came in.

  41. Rants with Lance says

    Will for sure use your links when i go to purchase some new gear. Been wanting a go pro and that tripod from last year looks like fun.

  42. FireCracker3240 says

    I have a burning question I've wanted to know for a while. This seems like the perfect opportunity to ask. How do you keep all of this safe while travelling? Especially when sleeping in the airports?

  43. Phi M says

    Your video is great as usual. I got a Mavic Air. I ride a motorcycle. For my next european trip, I bought a real waterproof rucksack Ortlieb 25 L which contains the Mavic air bag + all I need when I stop the bike. The backpack you show in the video is not waterproof by itself as far it needs a waterproof cover.

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