1. Thudi guy says

    What happened to Williams?

  2. Frank Dlanor says

    F1 is broken

  3. Frank Dlanor says

    F1 is so broken not worth watching

  4. soniyu ziuy says

    Alex won't be in a Redbull much longer if I'm quite honest. They'll let him finish the season but after this, he's fired.

  5. Road Runner says

    Part where Renault's mechanics were celebrating up on the fence was amazing,big respect to the racing point and red bull mechanics who congratulated him aswel

  6. Detective says

    Where is albon whit comment they racing me so hard. Baby

  7. STRDAY. says

    Notice how Crofty mistook Bottas as Vettel when he overtook Hamilton..Seems like Crofty is just like us–too used to see Vettel in front, battling Hamilton.

  8. Hafiz Aznan says

    Yeah Crofty, next time Seb will be in the front of the pack, i know you miss him… 0:04

  9. bilisha coli says

    We didn't even need rain, that was a pretty solid race


    Perez does great again

  11. Juan Gomez says

    … and predictable

  12. Juan Gomez says

    F1 became boring

  13. mrbawkbegawks says

    well i know why gios driving style always ends up with him at the back now

  14. beedsj roiue says

    F1 Critic: We all believe Ricciardo is fast enough to win a podium, but is car is bad Ricciardo: Eifel 2020

  15. Jimmy Barton says

    "Well done, Ricciardo. Well done, Renault." Well done, Baku

  16. Dijul21 _YT says

    Jajajaj 0:04 "ahhh Sebasti… Ahhh valteri bottas…" jajaj epic race

  17. Ghostrike16 says

    Red Bull, Takes Your Wiings

  18. 김조우커 says

    페라리는 맛탱이가 완전히 갔구먼…..

  19. bilij pdan says

    6:50 Computer: since Stroll didn't race today, I don't know his first name and he no longer races for a team.

  20. Cartoon Head says

    Redbull's PR machine is still trying to convince the world Albon is faultless 🤫

  21. Josh Halford says

    Unlucky lando

  22. MagnUm TeRetourne悪魔 says

    I'm so sad for vettel. I really want to see him winning races like before. Ferrari get up

  23. Ángel Mata says

    Hamilton weaving on the restart and still miles ahead. The most symbolic moment of how anti competitive these vacuum yachts are.

  24. Marcelo Antunes says

    Ojalá llegue a la victoria el Rombo!!!

  25. beedsj roiue says

    Lewis and Max were about to lap the whole field before the sc.

  26. Robin Raphael says

    that looked like a fun race to be in after all is said and done those drivers will think damm that was a crazy race. fun to watch all the passes and a couple runs here and there but in America rubbing is racing

  27. jeff says

    Thanks for yelling the highlights at us. MUCH APPRECIATED.

  28. mijuo roui says

    Lewis and Max were about to lap the whole field before the sc.

  29. hary harmono says


  30. lmao u kiddin says

    „And Sebastian is.- eh./- Valterri Bottas is in the lead“ wrong season mate

  31. JoshuaW_2 says

    Rip b0ttas ;-;

  32. Eleni Pouliasi says

    Βαλτε και ΚΟΡΙΤΣΙ στη Φορμουλα!!!!

  33. Gaming Legend says

    If only we could switch micheals current situation with lewis

  34. floflorian says

    So Kimi can just take out another driver and only gets 10 seconds added, and Hamilton need to get a stop and go for pitting outside of regulation yet not endangering anyone. Not sure this is fair.

  35. MAX LRT says

    Renault 3em 💪

  36. scrappy says

    can we appreciste gorsjean started p19 and ended p9!! best race of this mans career 😂

  37. G. Rigz says

    Norris will get a move to a bigger team I reckon

  38. Ahmad Amin Abd Rashid says


  39. Bolia Fops says

    That lockup from Bottas was horrible, started just as he started braking. But that retirement must have hurt the most.

  40. Trex H says

    3:45 have Marlboro fast, no Marlboro slow

  41. Kubbano says

    Hülkenberg to Red Bull is the best plan

  42. M&M 123 says


  43. vliduu zeeb says

    6:50 Computer: since Stroll didn't race today, I don't know his first name and he no longer races for a team.

  44. Christopher Charles says

    Sebastian…on 1st…row…misses him

  45. Christopher Charles says

    Sebastian…on 1st…row…misses him

  46. Vajira Dunuwila says

    Gentlemen and the most kind-hearted person in Grand Prix. Well done Daniel Ricciardo…

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