2020 House Races Were Disastrous for Democrats


While the Democrats have retained their majority in the House of Representatives, the Republicans have made plenty of unexpected gains across the country…
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I have finally acquired a mic to commentate over my videos and i hope you all enjoy! As somebody who is very interested in politics, specifically the statistics and analysis behind it all, i love making these types of videos. The content is 100% originally created through Keynote. Every video I make takes hours of editing and creating in terms of the graphics and overall cinematography.

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  1. jlh says

    This is just further indication of a fraudulent election in my opinion 🤣

  2. The Super Psycho Killer says

    People voted against Trump but still loyal to Republicans

  3. Alex Amoroso says

    I loved how he ended the video "The 117th Congress will be like something we have never seen with some of the characters we have just elected" LMAOOO I LAUGHED SO HARD

  4. Dana Richards says

    Democrats are trying to steal the presidenty

  5. Gary Chandler says


  6. Gary Chandler says


  7. peteruk65 says

    Ha put pelosi in a thumbnail and your guaranteed 100K viewers who look just to see if she’s dead yet!

  8. HK execrable writer: Finance and Accounting Pro: says

    I don't know are they correct, but almost nothing report to them, be honest they're made me cry~

  9. Benny Diricx says

    Never what but with so many people coming forward they should redo the 2020 elections full stop. If DEMS claim that they are fair and pure then they should not oppose a redo. Unless they have something to fear. Also Voter ID should be required for all. No ID no vote. Simple as that.

  10. Affonso says

    Force Trump! The Brazilian people are with you.
    On the way to the victory!

  11. joe petrone says

    Fake polls never believe them. Democrats can't learn their lessons

  12. Nino Walker says

    You can tell bidens team was cheating from the start no one came to see biden everyone came to see Trump.

  13. 鄭子祈 says


  14. Baby Iverson says

    Bottom of Texas are all illegal immigrants 😂just kidding

  15. سیاوش اصولی says

    بانو اسکلتو نانسی…

  16. Whatsername 86 says

    Even if Trump proves to be 110% right about the election fraud in the corruption in the government the government is still going to pick Joe Biden anyway. They have the power and YES, they are that corrupted.

  17. Freedomtosayno says

    Polls are a fraud.

  18. Icy Purple says

    how did Biden do so well but not the dems in the house? kinda weird

  19. 1 1 says

    very true about the house. did you see what it did to the executive branch.

  20. Greg Honeycutt says

    If this bitc? Gets ejected out of Congress things will settle down. She’s way past due to leave !!!!

  21. Z R says

    First off quit using 538 second fraud is why biden "won"

  22. Jay Schweitzer says

    That’s the Trump Biden map all red for Trump

  23. Earlray Adolacion says

    Biden and His all companion must be jailed to their election fraud..!!!

  24. Zapo says

    President Trump won by a landslide – President Trump with 410 electoral votes – to Bidens 128 electoral votes. Source – x22report.com ep. 2331 at 36:00 min and at 37: 17 min mark into the report.

  25. Carolyn Dennis says


  26. Steve Connor says

    TRUMP 🇺🇸

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