3 Easy & Healthy fresh juice Recipe by Tiffin Box | Orange juice, Apple Juice, Mixed fruit juice


Hello everyone,
Today’s recipe is 3 Easy & Healthy fresh juice using amzchef Wide Mouth Slow Juicer. Hope you’ll like & enjoy this video.

3 medium apple for apple juice(whole or sliced)
4 to 5 orange (peeled)
Strawberry, apple, orange, grapes and berries for mixed fruit juice.
***you can pick your favorite fruits and vegetable for making your won version of juice. Salt, sugar, mint leaves, black salt, spices and a splash of lemon juice can be used to increase the taste.

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    Looking delicious and healthy juice recipe.



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    Wow looks super clean healthy and colourful pack with a whole load of goodness! Need to one of that juicer! Thanks for sharing!

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