4 Seasons | Sweden | DJI Mavic Pro | 4K UHD | Travel Vlog | 2020 |


Tried to capture 4 different seasons in a different way…. With the help of my better half and the DJI here is the output… do tell how you find it … i love constructive criticism…

Dji Mavic Pro
Edited in: Adobe Premiere


Source: https://surnativa.com
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  1. Costa T says

    So awesome shots my friend!!!
    Thanks for sharing 👌😊

  2. Ayesha Nipa says

    Loved the concept and model is my all-time favorite <3

  3. Akif Abdullah says

    Sob season a red dress porlei vhalo hoto😅…. Onek shundor video.

  4. WJE Photography says

    Hello my friend! Because it's been a tough time for all of us recently, I'm going to watch or watch again the most recent video of everyone I'm subscribed to! I just felt like helping the community out a bit and this is a small gift to you 🙂 + I love your content anyway! I've just posted a new video too, and it would mean the world if you could check it out. Thanks and god bless you!

  5. Hadil Soliman says

    Looks so good!!!!

  6. Passport Overused says

    wow love the drone shot! it looks amazing!

  7. AnCo-Adventures says

    Great work 👍🏻 Leave a sub. Greetings AnCo-Adventures

  8. One Man Wolf Pack says

    Cute idea.

  9. Floatwithme says

    It's amazing and thanks for sharing the link of you film. Already seen a couple of your films and subscribed back. Cheers Ray 🙂

  10. Big Frank says

    Hey awesome video thanks for sharing! Keep up the great work 👍 New Sub here

  11. Amit Sati Vlogs says

    Nice shots 👌👏👏👏👏👍👍 buddy

  12. Fortnite Daily says

    nice bro

  13. Paride Musci says

    Looks amazing to flight there, thanks for sharing!

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