$450 PER CARD?! 😳2020 Immaculate Basketball


In today’s video we rip open an entire case of 2020 Immaculate Basketball. This stuff is super high end. Can we get lucky?

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  1. Phil's Pulls says

    I know the case was bad. Thanks for the reminder guys

  2. Natte Ice says

    That case was pure doo doo. Panini is trash its really inexcusable to have a case that bad

  3. Joshua Bell says


  4. Robert Smith says

    Wow…crushing. Can’t win them all but that case was a straight kick in the wedding tackle. Best of luck on the next one!

  5. Avery Mincey says

    Imagine dropping 13 racks for it to be that.

  6. brewer1174 says

    If you have more mats available I would like one

  7. Texas John says

    🎲🎲 Snake Eyes

  8. Jason Forsythe says

    H O R R I B L E

  9. Bryce Cowin says

    I’d grab a mat

  10. Galen Murray says


  11. Alex Bailey says

    I’d buy a mat forsure

  12. michael whittemore says

    I’m sorry Phil lol

  13. Matt W- JediApple says

    For as high end this product is, sticker autos shouldn't be used. It looks so cheap

  14. Brettfan 05 says

    I have your card on Bunt….well, one of your cards on there.

  15. Sean Dennehy says

    Hou17cheat lol

  16. G G says

    I’m sorry but only fools buy this trash!!!! WTF?? Horrible and cheap looking product!! Better off to buy early 80’s or late 70’s PSA graded baseball for that money!

  17. sebastian rabalais says

    This case was horrible

  18. Dude Down the Street says

    that brogdon for sale phil?

  19. jigga saw says

    And this is why we need topps and upper deck back in the basketball cards game

  20. Jeff Brown says

    Not a huge basketball fan. But 13 grand for that?

  21. D46356 says

    Phil shaking during that first box!

  22. ras124 says


  23. Carman Nova says

    Yeah I woulda been pissed bro I watched someone break a case with 2 zion /10 RPAs coby white rpa/10 Tyler herro rpa /25 and logo man tacky fall rpa smh panini either loads a case or shorts it smh Bt it is what it is right

  24. Michael A says

    Man Joe Dumars right up there with Mariano Rivera with the signature effort…or not at all. 😂

  25. Jason Johnson says

    Would love to watch the draft if the card picks!

  26. Brett Hartman says

    I would like to buy a mat

  27. Snerd Terguson says

    I think it would be a cool idea to post a comment on these hit draft breaks letting those of us not in the break know what card was drafted where.

  28. gold-fishies from mars says

    Today I was opening 2007 bowman sterling and pulled the Hughes!!!

  29. Elijah Smith says

    I need a Phil’s pulls breaker Matt

  30. Chris says

    Does this sum up the current card industry or what. Haha

  31. D W says

    Those cards aren’t worth $100 apiece. Trash!

  32. BreakKing Sports Cards says

    Lemme buy a Mat.

  33. chubbs 500 says

    13K for that $hit…this is getting outta hand

  34. Lebron23to6 says

    Too shaky.

  35. William Renaut says

    Panini should be reported to BBB for that 💩!! I rather be kicked in the nuts by a MLS Soccer player than spend $1 on Panini products after seeing this video! Fahhhhh-Q Panini!!!!

  36. Babyface ATL says

    oof…..big ooof

  37. SofritoTV says

    i’d buy a mat man. how much?? i’m starting my channel up

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