7 Guilt Trips Games Gave You for Quitting


Wanna stop playing for a bit? These games won’t let you go without making you feel bad.

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  1. Outside Xtra says

    Hey, you gonna click onto another video after this? Well…we hope you stick around on our channel to watch one of our videos. We mean, it's fine if it's not, but if you come back later and we're all smelly and hungry you've only yourself to blame…

  2. Tamarin Nox says

    I must be a psychopath, because I never cared about any of these. I'm surprised to learn now this was a tactic to prevent players from quitting

  3. callum davis says

    If you thought Neopets was bad. Your puffles in club penguin would actually abandon you if you were away from the game for too long.

  4. 7tonsofsalt says

    "you're making the peon cry"

  5. Tristan Haller says

    I've always been a fan of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, where a mournful voice implores you, "Please don't go! The drones need you. They look up to you."

  6. Love Craft Gamer says

    The odd1sout (James) would've liked to watch the neopets part of this video

  7. Jksmwla says

    binding of Isaac

  8. Humbloom Tuh Birb says

    If you decide to check in on Nintendogs again, give the doggos some natural dog food and they'll be happy puppers again!

  9. Moxy Pony says

    I've had so many friendships in WoW that burned twice as hot for half as long

  10. Emily Hayes says

    IIRC, Quitting Banjo Kazooie made Banjo's sister switch her looks with the witch. Banjo, your sister wants a word with you!

  11. Harrison de Joux says

    Why did you pick the least liked Dawn of War dlc

  12. Magil of Shadow says

    Mild spoilers, but Act 3 of Doki Doki Literature Club has some painful guilt if you quit in any way. I mean, its partially the point, but still.

  13. Endermage77 says

    You shoulda seen the ways that trial games on Xbox 360 have tried to guilt trip you into purchasing the full version.

  14. Handlebar Fox says

    Neopets… fun times back in the day. A Halloween Peophin, Desert Blumaroo, Golden Uni, and Skunk Kyrii… all gone now.

  15. Handlebar Fox says

    Yep, Wolfenstein 3D was definitely from 25 years ago. They could still put a Swastika in it.

  16. J.J. Kuchenmeister says

    In Alpha Centauri, when you go to quit, the game says, "Please don't go! The drones need you! They look up to you!"

  17. IamCoalfoot says

    Makes me not want Animal Crossing.

  18. Theodore Friend says

    In Popcap's Bookworm Adventures, you play as a cute green worm with round glasses. When you tap quit, you get a standard 'Are you sure you want to quit?', but the worm takes up the entire screen with a massive teardrop in one of it's eyes. He also begs "Don't leave me!" in the most adorable voice ever.

  19. AnAutisticUser says

    I'm surprised they didn't put the original oneshot on here. Literal guilt trip for quitting.

  20. Lilly Ghist says

    Every year thousands of of neopets dye, continue playing, for their sake.

  21. John Bishop says

    I'll be honest. The controller creak is my first tell

  22. Lady Lovecraft says

    I’m a bit surprised that tamagotchi wasn’t on the list.

  23. Akis Rivera says

    Don’t forget about Catherine

  24. Louie Marks says


  25. Marco Borromeo says

    You forgot Killing Floor! They will downright insult you for quitting by either bullying you for losing games or just guilt you into thinking that if the zeds eat your friends, their blood is on your hands

  26. dwavenminer says

    Should have had Alpha Centuri on here:
    "Don't leave, the drones need you…they look up to you"

  27. Tayler Easdon says

    You can't buy time with money? Tell that to my employer.

  28. AstroPop Deluxe – one of if not definitively my favorite game from pre-EA buyout Pop-Cap – does this too.

  29. Tayler Easdon says

    Lolol you get soo mad at a boss you try to tear the control in half with your bare hands hilarious yet so true.

  30. svfin says

    The fact you said warhammer fourtythousand is HERESY! It's 40k!

  31. Robin LoTree says

    well I'm never logging into animal crossing again I've been gone for months…

  32. Pfählix says

    how could you have forgot BloodBowl 2

  33. Nisarg Thakarey says

    Max Payne 3???

  34. Ryan Peters says

    No mention of banjo-kazooie and the grunty wins cut scene if you quit? Thought that's be here

  35. Jess Sealey says

    Saw nintendogs and thought of Luke's puppy Herbert… sad, lonely, little Herbert with only his cap and neckerchief to keep him company while he stares longingly at the door where Luke disappeared into, without even looking back.

  36. ECW says

    Resetii will always be in my nightmares


  38. Capt. Spaz says

    In dk 64 when you quit it plays a cutscene of K. Rul about to blow up the island.

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