A 4$, 4ICs, Z80 homemade computer on breadboard: Z80-MBC (Mobile Breadboard Computer)


A complete mini Z80 system with 64kB RAM, Basic and Forth interpreters, CP/M, QP/M, Assembler and C toolchains, Serial port, User led and key that you can easily build on breadboard.

ROM/EPROM programmers are not needed because it is all stored inside an Atmega32A with the Arduino bootloader. You need only to flash the Arduino bootloader at first, then use the Arduino IDE to load the provided sketch).

More info here:

And here:

* * UPDATES: * *

GPIO expansion module:

2 layers PCB:

Assembler toolchain:

C language toolchain:

Forth interpreter:

Virtual Disk Module:

CP/M 2.2:

QP/M 2.71 and RTC:

Source: https://surnativa.com
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  1. PC Socket 7 Intel 430vx tx says


  2. iProgramInCpp says

    Is it actually 4 bucks?

  3. Valdemar Reynoso says

    its possibly to make a keyboard input and some video output to use it without external devices?

  4. spicy rice says

    But where is tge headphone jack

  5. Samuel Becker says

    using a microcontroller is a little bit cheating. why not just make a microcontroller computer at that point

  6. Max says

    how did you transfer video from the computer to a display??

  7. slap_my_hand says

    I can't even get a modern Z84 for less than 7€.

  8. Tooeh says

    seems to be better than my laptopwhere can I buy it?screw acer with i5,I want dis one mommy

  9. Snoopy says

    Atari 2600 status

  10. Benjamin Gray says

    downvoted because of profile pic

  11. TheRealDanBond says

    How does anyone recommend getting into this? I know nothing about programing or robotics and a little about computers but have a really cool project in mind.

  12. mrtempint says

    what operating system is that by the way?

  13. Lowgone says

    …but can it play skyrim

  14. M. Strain Jr. says

    But I can't game on it, so it's about as useless to me as Linux.

  15. King says

    Im glad Youtube is putting electronics on trending pages. Maybe these idiots can learn something rather than worry about what is trending.

  16. OG JESS D says

    Can this run Ark Survival? I really wanna play the scorched earth dlc

  17. burgle cutt says

    why is this crap on the trending list?

  18. BagelPointFive says

    Can this run no man's sky?

  19. Tom S says

    number 24 on trending, lmao what the fazookie

  20. Hi, how are you? says

    Hey, that's pretty cool!

  21. Grog says

    But can it run crysis?

  22. Rand2 Person says

    …and now the age old questionHOW THE FUCK IS THIS TRENDING!?

  23. Kangazeroo says

    Here before virality

  24. McMaster 46 says

    So tell me…can you play rocket league on it XD

  25. PieThyme says

    Yeah… but can it run Minecraft on fancy graphics?

  26. Bobbyz World says

    Shoutout to all my circuit fam, you gotta see the vids on my channel!! If you want some motivation hit my subscribe button!! I won't let ya down, I promise!

  27. no says

    How is this fucking trending?

  28. Aidan Gomez says

    cool. innovative

  29. Chocbar Towbar says

    It's like a terminal from fallout

  30. The Creator says

    There is a serious lack of understanding as to how videos trend.It's based on how quickly a video gets a set amount of views. 'Likes' and post dates are irrelevant.If a video has a total of 5 million views that it got over 2 years, that's not trending.If it has gained 3,000 views in the past two minutes, that's notable and there must be some sort of interest in it, so it's listed in the trending section.It has nothing to do with total views, when it was listed or your own personal level of interest in the content.It's just how many and how fast and if you click it you support it.

  31. Juan Mora says

    why is this shit on trending

  32. Abibo says

    Have to leave a dislike since THIS is trending.

  33. Sean says

    song name

  34. Luis Villalobos says

    Can it run Crisis?

  35. Trapecio Tendencies says

    wud sub but the minion pic is unsettling.

  36. 2is 350 says

    1800 views and trending 😂😂

  37. DirtyMouseBalls says

    Better than the other shit that's usually on 'trending'.

  38. John Seiler says

    I like the catchy tune. What is the name of that song?

  39. John Carr says

    inb4 linus tech tips did it better

  40. John Carr says

    thank god this kinda shit is on trending

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