A Trip To Disney's EPCOT! | Food Reviews, A Skyliner Trip & A Look At Crowd Levels!


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In today’s vlog we head to Disney’s EPCOT for some more Food & Wine Festival fun and to ride the Disney Skyliner to check out the France pavilion progress! All in all we had a great day at the park! Thank you for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new vid!

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  1. David Thomas says

    Very bazaar tampon commercial involving donuts during the video 😳😜😂

  2. Karen Dixon says

    Do they still have the "Beatles" at the UK British Pavilion?

  3. portercbl says

    Just close the doors Disney. YOU SUCK!

  4. Lilly says

    OHHHH!! Look at Jen and her shorts sneakers colors woww nice keep this up JEN !! lubb you guys

  5. Blanca Diaz says

    Jen is right on the pronunciation of cotija, and Tim the smell is the cheese .. it’s a pass for me just for the smell LOL .. saludooos!

  6. Kay M. says

    Not video related really BUT Jenn’s shorts are super cute!

  7. taitai831 says

    I feel like like this the third time they’ve gone to epcot to get nachos and cake pops, all very repetitive. Ive been looking for other channels and I’ve enjoyed them more Better editing and newer content.

  8. Paul Headley says

    Your reports are always fun yet informative and educational. Also, I've made it a practice anytime I'm at EPCOT to take a relaxing ride on the Skyliner. What a great way to see Disney World and just relax.

  9. BigHeartedMan65 says


  10. Marie Montvidas says

    Lucky for Jackson to be at all these parks before the age of 1. He is just so stinkin adorable and you are such great parents! It’s nice to see Jenn getting out too! Oh, and I’m really surprised that you both liked the street corn funnel cake! Lolol

  11. Sarah Greco says

    Fun Fun Day! We love the skyliner! Can't wait for France updates to be completely revealed!

  12. PinkyToMyBrain says

    Last Saturday, the Donut Box and the Cool Wash were both open (at the same time). The donut holes are delicious and my son and I highly recommend.

  13. Meghan Bo says

    put your foot on the back of the stroller and tip it backward to get in and out.

  14. Ashley Campion says

    Best YouTube your

  15. Lisa Mills says

    I’ve been watching your past videos while waiting for a new upload and I’m back in the 2017 videos. Jenn has blonde hair! Made you look totally different. But I will saw I love the red.

  16. Lisa Mills says

    Kind of hoped they would eliminate fast pass. Seems to me that during this current time and without the fast pass option, the lines seems to move quicker. Even tho they look longer because of physical distancing, they still seem to move faster.

  17. Heather Travels says

    I love the World Traveler gift shop and I love the big nice bathrooms right near there.

  18. Libby Henderson says

    You were cracking me up over the cake pop😆😆

  19. Kristina M says

    You guys will now do inside stores and wait in line for food inside so when will you start riding rides inside…will be nice to see those again

  20. Belinda Webb says

    Is all 2020 merch BOGO?

  21. Hoying FamBam says

    Aldis sells Rachelet cheese

  22. Teresa Humphries says

    That is the weirdest looking mask Tim has on. When he turns sideways he looks like a duck. LOL

  23. ThemeParkBazza says

    We found there is a static loading spot on the skyliner at the end of each station where you can get on and off while the pod is moving so takes the stress away

  24. Tripp J says

    those donuts are so greasy not a fan

  25. Mary Seidel says

    Morthan Cheese in winter park 🙂 they have the cheese and everything comes with it melted on top

  26. Candace Pereira says

    This baby is not having a good time. Not this baby, that baby. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Susie Snyder says

    You can get a portable raclette cheese maker relatively inexpensively ($20 at Walmart).

  28. Candace Pereira says

    I’ve heard several people say the m&m one is best

  29. Candace Pereira says

    Wonder where Jenn’s mask is from? It looks like her shades go right over it. I am desperate for a good mask that goes under my glasses

  30. Shelly Hassdenteufel says

    So happy Jenn bought and is wearing those awesome throwback biker shorts from Disney Springs!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  31. Zach Chehi says

    I want Tim's diet.

  32. Karen Taylor-Steward says

    I have to ask what has Tim got inside his face mask as it looks weird on his face, stand out alot on face, 😷

  33. Brad Southers says

    Regarding the stroller… when we had little ones we used a smaller travel stroller and it was a lot more convenient than the full sized one. One thing to consider as Jackson gets a bit bigger is that he's going to want to get out of the stroller but won't always want to walk. If you don't want to spend the whole day carrying him, look into getting a Buggy Board. It's a platform that attaches behind the back wheels of the stroller that he can stand on and ride, and it was a life saver for us. No affiliation with the company that sells them… just passing along a parenting hint. But with the number of people who stopped us to ask about it, we could have made a living selling them in Disney World!

  34. Mel K says

    Jenn and Tim I do the same thing, smile at people with my mask on and forget they can't see my mouth. Lol. Dont know if Jackson liked the sky liner. Sure miss Disney😥

  35. Debora D.A. says

    Nice to see the Trackers are not above eating on a garbage can👍😁

  36. Kim R says

    Omg that cake pop yummm!!! Ok so we have a raclette rock at home and we cook our Do ré mi cheese on it and it’s simply amazing! Maybe you could buy the cheese and cook it in your little cast iron? yummm!!! 💜

  37. cjtfigueroa says

    Hi, which types of video cameras you use, your videos are always clear and bright, Thank you

  38. C says

    And now it,s time to pay the prise

  39. Rebecca Gumpel says

    Where are Jenn’s shorts from?? They are so cute!

  40. Sandra Parolie says

    Some people like to eat the fat…true….

  41. Danny Quezada says

    She said cotija right!

  42. jason schierer says

    Btw guys they do that style of cheese over in downtown winter garden. Under the melter and everything. It’s in the same building as crooked can brewery. It’s a little stall across from the butcher shop in that market space. It’s really tasty! Not sure if it’s the specific cheese you’re looking for but it is a big wheel of cheese that they put under a heating element and scrape onto potato’s and greens

  43. dunhamdc3 says

    The wheel chocks are for wheelchairs & mobility scooters.

  44. Amada Martinez says

    Love your vids Tim and Jen! We haven’t been able to go to Disney since the pandemic. One of our favorite stores was the Japanese store. Next time please show the store more. We love the candy section.

  45. Awful madden plays. says

    Jackson is living the best life ever and doesn’t even realize it

  46. Wendy Sherbert says

    It has to be so hard for Jackson to understand your expressions when you have masks on!

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