1. Hadia Amjad says

    Is it possible if my home pc is shutdown and I want to access it from my institute computer by using remote desktop?

  2. lau sk says

    You can even install Aikotech ThinServer software so any version of Windows will work with remote desktop and even give muttiple session ability


  3. Jashua Thompson says

    In addition to above video, you can also use tools like on premise R-HUB remote support servers for remotely accessing Windows 7 computers. It provides simple and easy to use interface and works on all platforms viz Windows, MAC, Android, iOS etc.

  4. Jaime Kings says

    I'd also recommend to try free for business AEROADMIN.

    It's quite easy-to-use, with no registration, installation or
    configuration. I switched to it from teamviewer and pretty happy.

    Hope this helps

  5. pricar khoza says

    hi my question is you have to be online in oder to gain access from your home computer?

  6. The Federal Farmer says

    "For more information, check out the Windows website."


  7. Linkolnverse says

    I'm running Windows Vista and don't even have these 3 options appear at 0:45
    Likewise, my Windows 8.1 doesn't have them either.

  8. Gerry Gerry says

    Worked great for me. Using windows7.

  9. Jesus Christ says

    I do not need the ip of the pc ?

  10. Veteran Hacker says

    thanks man its works for me

  11. chasuav says

    To remote from anywhere requires additional setup such as port forwarding. Must forward port 3389 in the router to the home system's IP. Your system must be a Windows XP/7/8 Pro edition. Home Premium or lower edition can only initiate, but cannot receive a remote session, unless you hack the registry. Use a public IP to remote to your home system, not computer name. For home network, use the private IP. Windows Key + R then type "mstsc" without the quote to open remote desktop. Hope this helps.

  12. AIR330263 says

    not working…bad help..

  13. pucca19nisa says

    Does it work if my home pc is closed?

  14. Shafeek Zakko says

    he looks like gays

  15. hack er says

    I dont have nothing can choose~why please comment

  16. Stephan9r9r says

    How do you connect if you were farther away and not connected to the same internet router

  17. R. Blake Kessler says

    This was PC-to-PC on your home network…you could have just used a key drive. You did not reveal anything about how to connect remotely. How would you find that home computer from, say, Bombay?

  18. techgenius101 says


  19. smoiler smoileras says

    cant find remote desktop connection on my laptop….help

  20. ProLamer says

    He look like nerd 😀

  21. MotiVision says

    Can i remote MAC from PC?

  22. ZaHecc says

    Doesn't work

  23. Mian Ahmad Farooq says

    Can we access the other computer if even it is powered off?

  24. jacob turner says

    dude im sorry but you bore me need someone that dosent sound the way u do

  25. Ian Chetcuti says

    Lets say the home pc doesn't have a password .. than what you need to do?

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