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A song for the fans, by the fans.

If you like it, then none of this should be credited to me, but to my fans and all the passionate people who came together to make this magic happen.

Normally, a task like this that involves producing a song and a music video requires weeks if not months of planning, a highly professional crew and equipment, lots of cash or a big cooperate sponsorship. All we had were 6-7 days, a shoe string budget and no time to pre plan anything.

As the campaign grew bigger ORGANICALLY, we were approached by many sponsors to become a part of this, but I wanted its spirit, it’s soul, to remain absolutely pure with no commercial gain attached to it. The sole objective of this was to showcase my love for the fans, the game of cricket, my beloved country Pakistan and its people.

Our Gmail crashed multiple times as we kept receiving hundreds of videos daily from all over the world. People from all walks of life making the effort to get together and record their synchronised dance steps to a Dhol beat and voluntarily become a part of what would eventually become an unprecedented phenomenon – a case study rather.

If anyone would ever ask me how I managed it. My answer would simply be that it was not “I”. For it is LOVE that makes the impossible – possible. Things which the human mind cannot comprehend. Things which can’t be explained, only felt.

I hope you feel it too.

This is my ode to all my fans.

– Ali Zafar

Video Credits:
Conceived, Directed and Choreographed:
Ali Zafar

Assistant Director:
Ashar Azmat

Directors of photography:
Danyal Zafar
Omer Khalid Butt
Asif Masood
Yratta media

Camera operators:
Salman Nafees
Meer Tayyab
Arsalan Aziz

Drone operators:
Umer khan

Assistant Choreographer:
Sonu Dangrous

Asif Masood

Colour grade:
Nasir Subhani

Hair and make up:

Wardrobe and styling:
Ebtisam Ahmed(EB)

Line Producer: Ahmed Waqas

Art & Set : Cinescapes

Line management NCA:
Arsalan Awais

Line management Superior:
Shahzaib Qureshi

Omer Khalid Butt

Behind the scenes:
Khaqaan Shahnawaz

Fan video compilation:
Shalyar Javed & Fakhar Sultan

Special thanks.

NCA , The learning Hub , Superior University and all the schools and colleges who sent us the videos.

Audio Credits:
Written, composed, arranged and produced:
Ali Zafar

Song Arrangement and Programming:
Bilal Wajid & Umair Hassan

Mixed and Mastered:
Akash Pervez

Guitar, Bass & Ukele:
Aamir Azhar

Percussions and Dhol rhythm session:
Kashif Ali, Mehtab Ali, Baqir Hussain, Mahsim Ali.

Mohammad Taqy.

#AliZafar #MelaLootLiya #BhaeeHazirHai

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  1. Lightingale Records says

    Watch exclusive BTS from the recording of Cricket Anthem Mela Loot Liya by Ali Zafar.
    See what went behind executing the impossible task of making a song and it's video in less than 7 days! Video:

  2. GAMING POINT says

    Not. Good

  3. Bilal Ali says

    My favourite super star is the ali zafar

  4. mateen ali says

    I respect our country but im sorry ali zafar this song is shit😊😊

  5. Jeet Singh says

    Skip to 1 minute

  6. Tech Nical says

    Loved alizafar bro

  7. Mazin Shahzad says

    Amazing ali zafar is amazing

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    Watch this beautiful & melodious Bollywood song #BhulaDunga …& witness the sizzling Chemistry of #Sidharth Shukla and #Shehnaaz'll definitely love it

  14. Aftab Shah says

    Much better than har dil ki awaz rubbish

  15. Yes Honestly says

    Very talanted Ali Zafar👍🏻

  16. Muneeb Khan says

    Ali zafar this song is 1000 times better stupid ali azmats whole career

  17. Jawad Ch says

    kanjr khana

  18. Muhammad Ali Malik says

    Over acting at 1:47 Blue Kid Girl or boy dont know

  19. Ahmed Raza says

    Thanks Ali zafar sir but u have to make this song in psl 6

  20. Qanber Qaiser says

    Ali azmat disliked the video

  21. Bulbul Alisha Khan says

  22. Hamza Khan says

    Apna hamra dill ko loot liya

  23. Leo Fari says

  24. Hello says

    The day when Ali Zafar became bhai

  25. Ayoob Khan says

    I like Ali zafar

  26. Malaika Munir says

    Really amazing song


    Ali zafar bhai aap k liya like kiya love u, bhagwan aap ko barkat dey

  28. maheen mirza says

    Pakistan zindabad

  29. The Revealer says

    love you alizafar

  30. All In One says

    Who iz watching in July for fun

  31. Shehroze Azam says

    Government says stay home for corona virus ,Pakistani awaam 1:39

  32. Haider Brawl stars says

    Love this song

  33. Noman Khan says

    Mehla loot liya lahore ne loot liya virus agaya team hogai barbaad 😂😂

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    Hands down Ali Zafar produces the best anthems for Pakistan cricket

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    Ali zafer ne mela loot leya

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    India Bollywood is famous because of pakistan

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    Bauht acha song Hai that's was my fsvuriye

  41. Anaab Ali says

    Megical song+larycis love the song and ali zafar voice……….

  42. sharif sheikh says

    Wow. 👌👌👌👌❤from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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    ali zafar ali zafar

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