ALL STAR GAME! – Grizzlies VS Bombers [AXIS FOOTBALL 2020, Simulation, AI vs AI]


The first game of 2020! Welcome to the All Star Game, one more week and we enter the regular season!!

Due to the game quickly jumping into the spectated game I will simply have less time to use graphics pre-game, but I have added a new Scoring Graphic!

Hope You Enjoy! 😀

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  1. Coal Troll says

    What did everyone think of the new TD Graphics I made? 👀

  2. Nick Pressley says

    Yesssirrrr bro u back in business I been waiting

  3. DEVON PARHAM says

    Yes I’ve been waiting

  4. Mo49 Alshaif says

    Hey question, can you make a video showing all of the teams like how you did on Axis 19?

  5. The Fantabulous InfiJoker says

    Wasn't Expecting a Blowout Today! I was Expecting a maybe 7 point game

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