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A deep dive into the daily realities and challenges of an unconventional relationship.

CAUTION: May Contain Nuts is a sketch comedy series, written and performed by a multi-ethnic cast of master improvisers, entertainers, and stand-up comics; it roasts pop culture and skewers social trends and politics in the most delicious ways.

Starring Howie Miller, Sheldon Elter, Matt Alden, Joleen Ballendine, Aimee Beaudoin, Jeff Halaby, James Higuchi and Mark Meer.

Featuring Kevin Macdonald, Jesse Gervais, Belinda Cornish, Jesse Lipscombe, Jana O’Connor, and Dana Andersen

Watch for Canadian film and comedy royalty like Colin Mochrie, Graham Greene, Adam Beach, and Joe Flaherty.

All-New Season 4 coming to APTN in 2018!

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