1. 티인듯에프인듯 says
  2. dario D says

    2:53 all cars going in reverse

  3. ADVENTURE CAMPitelli says

    great shots and good music! nice work! Subbed

  4. Eric Bartolo says

    Great stuff, well put together 🙂

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  6. Chasinglife28 says

    Great video 🔥 🔥🔥

  7. APOV_drone AnotherPointOfView says

    Iscritto 👍

  8. Drone Travel says

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  9. hhh a says

    Hey, I love this video! I wanted to ask for permission to share it on my FB page (Stamped) so that my 70k fans can enjoy this too? I will make sure to credit you with a link to your Youtube or FB. Thanks, Tom


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    I think that would be a great advertising for you.
    Many thank's Claudio from lugano

  11. E Kirea says

    Like it a lot – very nice👍

  12. ERRETI Photo says

    Yeahhh.. beautiful songs and video!! If you wan't please subscribe on my channel. I fly with a DJI Mavic Pro, i based in Italy!!

  13. scott isdahl says

    Great video, may I ask what camera settings you used? I’ve been having trouble getting good video out of my Mavic lately. The footage from lake Powell (first flight as I purchased it on the way) looked amazing but now I can’t get anything that doesn’t look horrible. Maybe something is wrong with it. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

  14. Fabio Palma says

    Dear friend, I'd like to ask just two clip, may you mail me at fp@fabiopalma.net?

  15. Mark Rossell says

    Im going there in September and I think Im going to require some more Batteries for the Mavic 🙂
    Great video BTW inspired and excited me now.

  16. Brandon Ott says

    This was wonderful footage. We visited Amalfi last year and were in awe of the beauty of the area.

  17. Paul Turner says

    Nice one, that's a great video. I'm heading there in August and will bring my Mavic Pro. Did you have any issues taking your Mavic into Italy or flying it around the Amalfi coast?

  18. Nick Lewis says

    Have been there a few times, one of my, perhaps, favourite places on earth, great filming and I want to go back there now!

  19. androoow says

    2:54 how did you persuade everyone to drive and walk backwards??????

  20. Al Romeo says

    do you know if you can fly over Pompeii?

  21. Mavic Pilot says


  22. Mavic Pilot says

    I'm going to Italy in September. Are there restrictions with flying a drone? Nice vid!!!

  23. Mavic Pilot says

    I'm going to Italy in September. Are there restrictions with flying a drone? Nice vid!!!

  24. Marco Cantieni says

    Superb location. You had quite some luck not to run in any trouble.

  25. Mark1 Digital Media says

    Great video. Beautiful. I'm going in a couple of weeks. Did you have any trouble flying or did everyone leave you alone.

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