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Joakim Karud – Great Days
Great Days by Joakim Karud
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  1. Hero Chill says

    Wobbles is back lets gooo

  2. Tactical24 gamer says

    umjibear I love your vids dude if u make more or if u could plz man love the vids me happy to see your vids😀😃😄😁😆

  3. May MildMint says

    Next part Lets go bro!!

  4. The Skylander says

    You should make more it came out really good

  5. mc hip g says

    I love ur songs Umjibear

  6. Arvi Similä says

    holy sh*t more of these dudes

  7. TK says

    This is fucking amazing Umji!

  8. Shiba Kizuro says

    Ngl lime sus

  9. SveinnMH says

    damn so fucking good xD nice creativity hahah

  10. ricy -san says

    LOL RIP VRCPianist 11:41

  11. Konkurer 7 says

    Re watching this again, it's to good 😂 saw it yesterday and I'm like, I need more

  12. Klev says

    It's been a long time since I laughed so hard xD

  13. Naruto Uzumaki says

    This is the best among us video

  14. iListen says

    This might be the best video on YouTube right now, prove me wrong

  15. Khadiza Ali says

    My favorites:

  16. JACK TANG says

    This is better than any amongus video I ever seen

  17. Gray says

    can you imagine getting killed by umji only to hear him singing stevie wonder as his testimony

  18. KhamPlayZ says

    Honeycomb seriously smashed it out there

  19. grey wolf says

    Man, this channel is so underrated fr

  20. water666 says

    we need the hour long version id watch the shit out of that, wobbles vs honeycomb sus battles rule

  21. Ethan says

    Definately one of the best among videos in existence

  22. Spooky YT says

    Imagine this but with the doo collaboration

  23. Spooky YT says


  24. GuestFOURZ says

    Brooo "honeycomb is like MR WOBBBS MR WOBBBS" umji and the others laughing and "aznstyles I think I might wanna change votes" Wobs yea it's not Honeycomb Wobs trying to get on honeycomb good side lol

  25. Akashi Junji says

    My god I'm not regretting anything watching this video… Glad i found your channel.. Thank god for recommendation Youtube

  26. Dicky Azi Nugraha says

    Best among us video here

  27. Babuh says


  28. XxzebraxX _817CH_ says

    Why are all of their voices so f*cking gooooooood!!!!!

  29. IndigoFury says

    1:48 is Ofc the best part in YouTube history

  30. Mytea says


  31. DerechtebabyPanda says

    "It's gotta be Mr. Wobbles"
    I can't omg haha xD

  32. Julio Santos says

    honestly? we need its gotta be wobbles song 10 hours version

  33. gotdibs says

    Part 2!!!!!

  34. s1rdeath says

    That was so awesome beats that's a nice way to play among us.

  35. gotdibs says

    Never imagine Among Us could be a platform for a music battle 🤣🤣

  36. Wovet says

    Man this video was so cool

  37. melonbird says

    We need mooorrreeeee

  38. Felipe Pestana says

    Give me MORE!!!

  39. Little Lad says

    6:25 eyyy that's clever

  40. FieryPhoenix says

    This… this right here has been the best Among us video I have ever seen!

  41. ImaNoob 69 says

    I’ve already watch this 3 times I love it 😂

  42. ylan de bruijn says

    I want more of this

  43. Khadiza Ali says

    I lobe this so much

  44. Stealth Cell says

    I found this guy like 2 days ago and I’ve been binge watching like ur whole channel wtf u should be famous

  45. Ximity TPG says

    All of you are legend 💥💥💥💥…Love that rap between wob and umji tho

  46. V153 says

    how the hell does one make such a rad video and I like sharks

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