Android 10: Gestural Navigation


Android 10 now supports a new, out of the box navigation experience. Navigation gestures are supported as a new mode, separate from the traditional 3 button bar. This allows your app to take complete advantage of the full screen, which provides a more immersive display experience for the user. Learn about unique gestures and some useful tips for troubleshooting if any conflicts arise.

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  1. Adam Haikal says

    How do you go to one-handed mode using this gesture navigation

  2. Thomas W. Smith says

    The gestures on android SUCK.

  3. 王利国 says


  4. Edan Q says

    The gesture is very annoying while game like pubg mobile

  5. Ishyne123 says

    Too many chef in the kitchen

  6. Tech in Deep says

    Change trash style

  7. Tvůj Google Assistant says

  8. om says

    #HelloAndroid , please Do not be an iPhone , people love Android because of simplicity,
    if you are also trying to fit each and every shit 💩 from iPhones then what's the point of purchasing an Android ।

  9. Keng Chew Soo says

    If you use a swipe keyboard, type something that starts with 'p' and the keyboard closes

  10. JackBauer137 says

    Just bought a Nokia 4.2 for my mum and there's no option to bring back the 3 button navigation keys. (running Android Pie)

    What a joke. Android is supposed to be about options and they're slowly removing more and more options. Stock Android is bad.

  11. Thor _ says

    Home/previous app gesture is bad. Because it only activate on the very bottom of the screen. It is almost impossible to activate on a phone with rugged case. Oneplus 7t pro.

  12. moin Khan says

    In short like Xiaomi phones.

  13. w5monkey says

    Target area too narrow… If you have a case.. And everybody does, it takes MULTIPLE tries to work! One plus 7t

  14. robert hamilton says

    Sorry I missed the video because I kept going back ;p JK

  15. RAJ says

    But why do Left and Right both swipes takes back..?! Technically one should take back an one forward… when you click and load a page , and then return back to homepage by Left swipe, then if you wanted to go again on that page ahead then Right swipe should act as forward navigation….. why both the sides take us back and only back.. wheres the forward……

  16. Mykola Podolian says

    The worst part, that documentation provided by google is misleading and could only be understood easily by engineers who wrote it.

  17. Bibek Gurung says

    Oxygen OS gestures navigation is the best.
    Home = Swipe up from middle
    Recent = Swipe up from middle and hold
    Back = Swipe up from bottom left or bottom right
    Quick previous app = Swipe up and then right from the middle
    This doesn't interfere with apps that have swipe left and right functionality and also doesn't interfere with glide typing

    But I'd love to see more functionalities added to it like
    Forward (in web application) = Swipe up and hold from bottom left or bottom right
    Notification = Swipe up and then down from bottom left or bottom right
    Split view = Swipe up and then down from the middle

  18. Nen P. says

    Plagiarize iphone home indicator

  19. Aditya says

    It is so hard to open the navigation drawers now.

  20. Nahuel Oviedo says YES, Like Gmail, PlayStore, etc.

  21. Adam Bosworth says

    I'd rather just have my Samsung gestures. They are perfect and do not interfere with side bars, which many apps have. I wish Google would stop trying to copy iPhone crap

  22. unforgiven says

    I hate it.

  23. Ruben MV says

    So the "back" gesture covers the entire side?? it should work only for the bottom half, just like MIUI and Fluid NG. As usual, half-baked features.

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