Anna Kendrick Shares New York Fashion Week Shopping Tips


Anna Kendrick is already almost too cute for words—now add a Kate Spade New York dress and you can see why we’re almost speechless.
Not to worry, the Kate Spade brand ambassador had plenty to say to E! News’ Zanna Roberts Rassi when we caught up with the star at the KSNY Madison Avenue flagship on Sept. 11.
“It’s too cute, I actually can’t stand it. It’s too cute,” she told us of the brand’s supremely whimsical dresses (again, taking the words right from our mouths!). The star also dished about her excitement for Kate Spade’s new home collection and attending the line’s much-anticipated fashion week presentation.
“It’s actually really great when I’m at a show with someone super-famous,” she told us. “Like if I’m at a show with Kim Kardashian—I haven’t been at a show with Kim Kardashian—but let’s just say…yeah, I would take her picture too!”

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  1. Bea Z says

    Same I also look like a sack of potatoes with that type of dress

  2. Anabella M says

    2:31 EX EX EX EX !!

  3. Neng Yang says

    I love Anna Kendrick.

  4. Neng Yang says

    Anna Kendrick is my favorite pitch perfect member.

  5. Catarina Bakker says

    I just want to get drunk with anna, is that too much to ask?

  6. cara r.a says

    She's so adorable 😍 Love her 😘 😘 😘

  7. Sophovot says

    IT HAS POCKETS! We've all been there 😀 pockets on skirts are like finding the holy grail

  8. Yeager Jag says

    You're to cute Anna Kendrick.

  9. Monnn sadzz says

    Anna is SOO Adorable!! that girls always on point!!

  10. onlysteph says

    She's pure perfection <3

  11. Reamel Liwag says


  12. Reamel Liwag says


  13. Alyssa Hargreaves says

    haha at the and "i look amazing" gotta love a but of anna

  14. yasmin Ngo says

    Love It

  15. alim courant says

    Love Anna Kendrick ❤️

  16. Heidi Meier says


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