Aomine vs Kise Finale! Kuroko No Basket Episode 25 "Our Basketball" REACTION/REVIEW


Aomine vs Kise Finale! Kuroko No Basket Episode 25 “Our Basketball” REACTION/REVIEW
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  1. Kalaiwani Mano says

    Im excited to watch the back story of kuroko.. I liked kuroko in that a lot.

  2. Fine Wine says

    Dude you should seriously react to Akudama drive
    It's a cyberpunk anime original made by the creators of danganronpa series
    The first 2 episodes are already out& here are the trailers;

  3. Zach Loyao says

    wait till you see Team Jabberwocks.

  4. Darsin Ali says

    Please guys can u reaction to Helly luv songs specially boy bye

  5. Darren says

    "he's gonna cry like baby deku~~"
    – Rob 2020

  6. hasti andishmand says

    React to Lee Suhyun: Alien please
    It's fun and high quality. She's in YG with her brother in a group AKMU. It's her first single. Make sure to react to it.
    I'm not giving up on HYO ft. Loopy and Soyeon of G(I)dle: Dessert.
    Please react to it.
    Kang daniel ft. Simon Dominic and Jamie: Waves

  7. WolfSheep says

    Damn Rob is hilarious

  8. Asad Habib says

    14:35 oh yes he will be back boys.

  9. M I S F I T S says

    Anime:Kuroko's basketball

    Ep Title:Our basketball.

  10. Iqbal Hakim says

    React haikyuu pls

  11. LeoPeo says

    I don't know how someone can hate on kise aomine is of course stronger then him but for now tho kise becomes a monster later on with his zone and perfect copy mix he becomes the most terrifying monster on the court even with all other generation being on the court

  12. Phillip Estrada says

    There are 2 people that watch Kuroko, those who think it's fucking stupid, and those who know it's supposed to be stupid

  13. Styed Hater says

    Can't wait till season 3 when they realise how strong Kise actually is.


    Our Basketball
    Communism intensifies

  15. DrIsshan’s Free Time says

    You guys should react to the movie after you finished this anime.

  16. Lawrence Aholelei says

    Never thought Wellz was that much of a bitch

  17. DrIsshan’s Free Time says

    First time i really enjoyed their reactions. Wow only Kuroko no Basket did this. 😂😂😂😂

  18. Syl 98 says

    They gonna think akashi is more bullshit than aomine I calling it

  19. Pluralizes Everythings says

    If y'all think Aomine is bullshit. Wait for Akashi.

  20. 愛可醬 says

    Can you react to akudama drive?:/ I think it is pretty cool and it is super underrated(sry for my bad English :/)

  21. Kuro says

    oh man just wait till wall see the emperor

  22. Vaughn Camacho says

    Wheres the haikyuu boys?

  23. Kuro says

    holy shit I just realized I got the same table as y'all except mine is in black

  24. Sajir Shakya says

    Aomine is monster but kise is boogyman. Aomine didn't show his full potential show did kise.

  25. suvrat pandit says

    14:28 that's how I felt like seeing rob cry when L died.

  26. Stanley Yelnats says

    Rob bipolar asf. In BNHA he was flamin the one dude suneater cause he stepping up solo and not working as team. Kisa works as team and Aomines style is based on just playing alone but he still not gonna call out aomine for that

  27. Zaiezwan Rasheedullah says

    Wait until you see akashi he gonna be lit

  28. Jaeho Han Solo says

    Idk why y’all hating….this was honestly one of their better Kuroko reactions 😂

  29. Mr Freeze says

    Love it when rob and wells team up in arguments

  30. Four Eyes says

    Tbh at first I thought I'd be hype to the last game vs akashi or even akashi vs midorima but at this point I feel like Rob the only one who will be hype and everyone just gonna complain about how unreal it is, especially pat and jerry

  31. alish khadka says

    At this moment aomine is strong all right but I can't hate one and like one. I gotta like them both they both r goat

  32. BanimeClips 0 says

    Man griffin did a 360 steal once 😂 FOR REAL.

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