1. Baraka Andrew says

    Apple just does everything 100x better. Waiting for 5G iPhone this year. iGlass maybe next year.

  2. Kaan says

    Take a shot every time he says APP

  3. neiker234 says

    They sell an adapter for the new QR code?

  4. Clint Golub says

    This is seriously such a genius idea.There’s a plethora of amazing apps, or even one-time use reward apps and in both cases, it’s either hard to discover high quality apps, and I hate keeping “clutter apps” just for the rare time I’m at like some coffee shop and wanting to check in for the points. This app clips can literally solve both issues in the real world!!

  5. John John says

    Did anyone else notice during the App Clips video when the iPhone tried to read an ice cream cone the narrator said “Mmm. Ice cream. Wait, there isn’t one for that yet? Well, soon there could be an App Clip for that.” Could that be a hint/reference to Apple Glasses being able to scan objects like the ice cream 🤔

  6. Free Speech says

    Tim cooks company in low risk maintainance mode. Someone should get rid of him. he is not going to leave on his own. In history of humans , there is a never an example of rat animal sign (chinese astrology) never left on their own. Someone has to push them down. Richard nixon is prime example of rat that …

  7. Fluffy says

    This is an APPlicable choice that Apple went with

  8. Just The Facts says

    Android is still fragmented, Apple is now Armed, cross platform , cross apps work on all devices.

  9. Mr. Novak says

    The spokesman is wearing a woman's blouse (I had a hard time paying attention)

  10. Edward Elk2005 says

    You android users are annoying, so what if Apple copies, Android has been copying Apple since day one

  11. Vincent Zhao says

    Anyone knows whether I need to download the full app before using app clip?

  12. Jade Honey says

    why they have to redesign QR codes wish they don’t make it Apple only now

  13. Jade Honey says

    android instant apps for iOS? finally

  14. Debopriyo Basu says

    iOS 14 is simply playing catch-up with Android. – "Magical Plagiarism. Innovative IP Infringement. Radical copying."

  15. FRA MIL says

    same with Huawei's Quick App

  16. vacationboyvideos says

    This is definitely the future

  17. Leo says

    kreg fettucini

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