1. Sherif Abo Madian says

    Welcome Back … We missed you

  2. SkippyTheVan says

    All of these comments look like they're made by people who work for LittleBigPR

  3. ProTecz says

    i cant wait for them to be back, and tbh i dont care for the prices.
    i have been using a variation of R.A.T. mice for the last 7 years i'd say.
    my current one has a broken forward button unfortunately and i want to replace it but there is just no mouse left to buy.

    hope they start selling soon 😀

  4. ᗪᖇᗩGOᑎᗪᖇOᑭ says

    YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS !!!1!!eleven!!! I LOVE you MAD CATZ !! <3<3<3

  5. iMeMySelf says

    I love MadCatz, so happy they are back! had my RAT 7 for 5 years now and a 5 before that, they never let me down.

  6. Snake Roberts says

    This is GREAT news! Cheers.

  7. FrailDog says

    make more gamecube controllers

  8. Nova Verse says


  9. Huehuehuehuehueer says

    Today its the D day.

  10. Huehuehuehuehueer says

    Maybe an STRIKE 7 with mechanical switches? YES, PLEASE!

  11. Kautilya Reddy says

    Is it really Madcatz here ?

  12. Gary Marcel says

    hohohohoho mad katz it's in the fucking house! bitch please razer

  13. Roxstein says

    Great, more cheap shit peripherals to give to my guests when they come over. It's like the 90's never ended.

  14. Thomas Foley says

    That looks like the wheel on the Rat controllers, let's hope the date is January 4th, not April 1st 🤞#madcatzcomeback

  15. ByBroThers says

    Dale loco!!!

  16. Tokyo/Rin says

    If Mad Catz is coming back I hope they make a stable Windows 10 release for the S.T.R.I.K.E. 7

  17. Ryo Mario says


  18. centersolace says

    Mad Catz? With PC peripherals? Interesting.

  19. Rialtacity says

    Just waiting for what they are going to do…Mad Whaaaaatz?

  20. Kourt says

    Uhhh….while I'd love for Mad Catz to come back, that date, if American formatted…..

  21. Luismy Cuevas says

    Hope it's Mad Catz with a new tier of affordable but dope peripherals <3

  22. Official GaminGuys says

    clearly a gaming headset but don't recognise the branding from the font

  23. Scott Clayton says

    Hopefully they'll make a big comeback, they were the most unique products on the market!

  24. jxke! says

    What the hell is this

  25. shun407 says


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