Bairstow Stars Again! | England vs New Zealand – Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019


Watch full highlights of the England vs New Zealand match at Chester-le-Street, Game 41 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019.

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  1. Chittem Sathyam says

    England make a good habit of scoring 300+ for fun

  2. Kane Naveen says

    At finally umpires won the world cup

  3. murali vinoth says

    Pls watch support my channel

  4. udaybhan singh says

    Rohit 264

  5. Tanveer Khan says

    Ilove. You. Babar. Azam☺☺☺☺ so. Much

  6. Nirmala Mishra says

    Jonny Bairastow

  7. Hemant Ostwal says

    Today after one year of this match I spent more time in reading comments than watching video and it's really funny ??

  8. kothuru dorababu says

    Winning the toss not important good batting andbolwing

  9. 1TAP Wraith blizstar says

    This 1st anniversary of England to win their first World Cup commented on 14 July 2020

  10. Atif Maqbool 3749-FBAS/BSSE/F18 says

    Me after reading the comments …. watch india vs New Zealand world cup 2019 highlights…..

  11. Prash Tube says

    Journalist: Do you want Pakistan in the knockouts?England: No otherwise we have to speak English to them and we can't understand their Oxford University EnglishNew Zealand: No we don't want them to qualify because then they will throw grenades at us like they did in 2004India: We want them in the knockouts because then Sarfaraz will become pak PM and we can acquire land of entire Pakistan

  12. Abhinav Kopalle says

    Bairtow is the star today

  13. Wajeeh Siddiqui says

    Almost englands every top order player has scored a hundredJos buttlerJoe rootJason royJohnny bairstowMorgan

  14. Prakash Biomedicalscience says

    Congratulations eng team love from India

  15. Sunder Chandel says

    Virat bahut dhima khela

  16. cricket and Gym says

    Nz and India were non-serious against England because they knew they had qualified but later India in semi and New Zealand in Final gave their ? but still lost that's CALLED # TIT FOT TAT

  17. cricket and Gym says

    After this match, India was happy because Pakistan need a victory of 316 runs which was an impossible task but Pakistan won by 94 runs and ended their World Cup in a happy ending but few days later India got fucked by New Zealand even can't chased 240. ????

  18. Jeet Hader says

    One sided match?

  19. proud New Zealander Kane Willamson Army says

    This match was fixing.

  20. Mohamed Suhail Irfan Khazi says

    Ind lost by 36 runsNZ lost by 119 runsstill they will blame India for not showing 'intensity'

  21. Arshaf Mahmood says

    India loss the match from England to block way of Pakistan towards semi final , Because India won,t like to play with Pakistan in Semi final ??

  22. Rajeevpwd mysonchinu says

    Iss saal toh highlights dekh kar hi santusht rehna .

  23. Tanzim Hasan says

    Nice vido

  24. Muhammad Hassan says

    Barstow big 100 ❤❤

  25. Shiki On the Go says

    Not reviewed ?

  26. Sayyed. bahubali to good Shifa says

    New Zealand likeEngland comments

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