Banished Cheats Unlimited Resources Food Stone Iron Tools Logs


Download the save state.

Locate the folder
c:usersusernamemy documentsbanishedsave

Copy over the file save0.sav into the (banished save folder). Start the game and load the save to get 1 million potatoes, tools, stone, iron, and logs.

I can’t guarantee this save file will work for everyone. There is at least 16 variations of the game depending where you purchased the download. Standalone no drm, Steam infection with drm, Three other distribution platforms, 32/64 bit versions of the application, beta update applied or not, file names different or not.

If the save file does not work for you check out the links below.

Banished Trainer Cheats x32 x64

Banished Cheat Tables

You might have to roll back the beta update or just rename the game application to get the trainer/cheat tables to work depending on the version of the game you are using.

The save state was modified in hex edit. If you want more save files ask/spam the comment section. No promises on quick delivery.

:-O 1 MILLION POTATOES?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Update 4/19/14

This save state is set to hard climate and small mountains. Maintain a population of 50 people for 20 years to get “mountain man” achievement.

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  1. Prranjal Shrivaastav says

    I got cheated just now

  2. Eminem says

    I got GTA IV from this file Thank you

  3. Rose M. Saleh says

    it's a save file what do I do with it? Like where do I paste it?

  4. SkyRoamer says

    what do i need to do if i dont have the file of the banished i only have the setuo app of the game?

  5. Simon I Troisdorfer says

    I'd Recomend using Virustotal (Virus Check Site) To look if that is an virus but thanksfully No 🙂 [I actually did because my pc had got an trojan last week, But Thanks This helped me out :))

  6. Tiffiney Holste says

    Works GREAT THanks

  7. Poop Sock says

    it downlownds gta 4!

  8. Irish Spuds says

    thanks works perfectly

  9. Mason says

    thanks! 😉

  10. Edson Redes de Proteção says

    Guys I just found a good website which gives you free_steam_wallet_card_c0des Banished Cheats Unlimited Resources Food Stone Iron Tools Logs

  11. Generalis says

    Is this infinite things only or is it the whole village?

  12. Silfarney Siqueira says

    tnx man i love you !!!

  13. Mirza Mei says

    It wont't work whath do I have to do

  14. Co1475 says

    O and how do you use the cheat tables and trainers?????

  15. Co1475 says

    2 questions, 1 how did you do that so maybe I can do it, and 2 can you make other worlds with the infinite resources because it is boring playing with the same world over and over again… THANKS!

  16. Zanelti Croes says

    what the hell just happened ?? just want a cheat for food

  17. Kel says

    It does work, I was hesitant at first wondering oh here we go, malware look out. But its nothing of the sort and really does work. Thankfully!

    Thank you so much for this, it really helped me get started after numerous fails. <3

  18. Bob Junior says


  19. Andrew Dante says

    i dont know what to say it works thanks so much!
    but it doesnt do herbs coal ale clothes but thanks anyway

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