Basketball Tragedy | Here’s What Really Happened to Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter [New Audio]


Find out why the Helicopter carrying professional basketball player Kobe Bryant and eight more people crashed in the city of Calabasas, California, around 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

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This video has been recorded and edited in 4K resolution and 60FPS.

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  1. TheFlightChannel says

    I felt like such an important accident deserved a remake, so here’s “The Disaster of N72EX” remastered with new audio, better information, and more accurate animations. Also, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the families of those who have lost their loved ones on board the helicopter. 😢



    pilot error, he failed to monitor his altitude when he thought he is ascending when he is not

  3. Ken Baker says

    If the flight had been delayed for one hour, it would have made a safe landing at the sports complex.

  4. Steve Hindmarsh says

    The short time you show the tribute at the end of the video is an insult to all who perished – you do this on all your videos, please change this.

  5. Geo HVL says

    It a fact that more than 90% of ALL crashes are pilot errors.

  6. Johir Ahmed says

    Hey bro please make a video Biman Bangladesh Airlines crash in Myanmar. Please 🙏🙏🙏.

  7. Maldivian001 says

    rip nice creation and also thanks for not putting his name on the title

  8. Jesus Escatiola says

    I miss Kobe everyday. 2020 has been such a horrible year. Thank you for this amazing video.

  9. Ronidel Baysa says

    Your videos are great. I really appreciate it. Well done.

  10. sstrick500 says

    Disorientation in the fog. That's what did it. I recall a few years ago, the weather in my area was very foggy for a week. Just DRIVING A CAR…I remember the feeling. I knew I should be going downhill, but felt like uphill. It was a strange sensation.

  11. Connie Mcgregor says

    Hello im Kobe and have All the money in the world. Lets half ass this trip so we dont get late,. If you have millions and your flying your Kids in that outdated shit, your asking for it

  12. guitarjed says

    Surely looking at the altimeter he would have known he was descending and not climbing to 4,ooo feet, if you cant see outside for the fog and cloud look at the instruments its the only reference you have.

  13. B M says

    I just can't comprehend how a professional pilot can because disorientated to the point where they believe they are accessing when in reality they are plummeting nose down towards the ground. How can they happen if there is Altimeters and other aids right in front of them on the dash. If he couldn't see out of the window but decided to climb, then why was he not checking his cockpit instruments?!

  14. Dirk von Ümlaut says

    The female controller from Van Nuys ATC has a very soothing voice.

  15. Taylor Lee says

    I been in a car in thick fog where you can't see anything i pulled to the side hopefully in the right direction and out off nowhere another car appeared right next to me, obviously the fog didn't help.

  16. Greymark says

    Company pressure, i suppose nobody will get prosecuted from the company as nearly always.

  17. CS Local says

    Other pilots fired caught a break

  18. Focke Wulf says

    Had the whoop whoop pull up thingy been installed in that copter the outcome could of been different. RIP KB.

  19. Therese Christiansen says

    Such a sad tale. But an incredibly clear presentation -I hadn't understood the situation until now. Thanks again Flight Channel. You're heroes.

  20. Anastasia Diamond says

    Takes how long for u to make this video?

  21. Tuzlu Masa says

    0:36 why is there a plane with american airlines old livery in background




  23. Jasper Apples says


  24. Brian LaRoche says

    Unacceptable, kobe is a control freak and is in a helicopter that understands hang time. How much fuel to hang till they get radar beter idea … he kobe nows hills are near by too

  25. Dipesh Joshi says

    Please make a video on Antonov engine failure incident 🙏🙏

  26. Brian LaRoche says

    Black mamba down, in LA valleys… go figure….

  27. Paul Martin says


  28. estelle pannell says

    Very very nice. I appreciate the work you put into these videos.

  29. chad haire says

    This channel SUCKS…videos are way tooooooooo long………..

  30. SYC96 says

    At the start of This year, the basketball world was been hit by tragedy with the sudden death of Kobe Bryant. It’s sad to see that larger than life character won’t be with us again. 41, just too young. Kobe. We will remember you.

  31. webdaddy says

    I know the area well. Scud running is a dangerous game. The pilot was taking chances and undoubtedly became disoriented. He may have realized what was happening but didn't have time to recover. The infamous death spiral.

  32. Plane Spotting Kuala Lumpur says

    How about Emiliano Sala aircraft’s accident

  33. Utoober729 says

    RIP to everyone on board. Did Kobe insist on the chopper? Why?Never should have taken a helicopter on a day like that.
    We don't know what was happening. Such as were the passengers quiet or sort of talking loudly. When I'm driving my car if I'm watching for an address I turn off my radio cuz its distracting. Was Kobe pestering the pilot to get there in a hurry? Maybe not. No one knows. I sure hope no one suffered RIP.

  34. MGTOW_ LIFE says

    Probably shouldn't have flown. Drive like the rest of us ?

  35. a speedingdrunk says

    So it was pilot error? That makes it seem worse as it was totally avoidable. What a tragic waste. RIP.

  36. lenny108 says

    seems the pilot had a heart attack and lost consciousness. Since he knew that route well such a stupid accident would not have happened in full consciousness. For such flights, there should be a co-pilot.

  37. Ravi Chowdhary says

    can you send me the link to the add-on you are using?

  38. M P says

    10:46 "…..we have 0235."
    What does that mean?

  39. K Menon Mangat says

    So tragic😧

  40. Becca A says

    You couldn’t pay me to get on a helicopter in fog. I’m afraid of helicopters in general. Much less safe than big commercial jets.

  41. Hitesh Kadu says

    26th January is India's Republic Day… So sad to see this crash on that day :((

  42. visteon05 says

    At least they never saw it coming and didn’t experience extreme fear before death.

  43. visteon05 says

    One of the hardest ones for me to watch.

  44. Shabberplasm 32 says

    I love how in the first video of this crash, you didn't put Kobe's name in it and now you are. And then you put here's what really happened TWICE now in this same crash when the investigation isn't even finished yet. Stop with the clickbait.

  45. Tom Simmons says

    The Flight Channel does a great job recreating these realistic helicopters and airplanes on these subjects.

  46. Tarun says

    All it took was taking a single look at the attitude meter

  47. Brenda Christensen says

    Control said from southeast to northwest, not northeast…fix your text at 9:02

  48. Sonikku za Hejjihoggu says

    I love TheFlightChannel’s videos, they are dramatic. 🇲🇾✈️❤️

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