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Craziest Formula Drift event we’ve ever done! Insanely good players with crazy FD cars in CarX Drift Racing Online. 16-player tournament with brackets. Best moments from Formula Drift event which was recorded live. Crazy tandems and some funny crashes. Everyone participating with the best possible cars they can tune. FD cars are using Ultimate Setup with 100 adhesion tires. We’re doing regular tournaments with PC, Xbox and PS4 players and anyone on Discord can participate.

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— My PC stats:
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
Processor: i7-9750H 2.60GHz
Hard drive: 500GB SSD

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  1. Goosiest says

    Question of the day: What would be YOUR dream Formula Drift car?

  2. Scenxario says


  3. Jakeplay21 21 says

    One day I’ll be able to meet up with goosiest on carx

  4. Παναγιωτης Κατσαπαρας says


  5. Nick Toner says

    You legit sound like a robot

  6. Syncrooo Hd says


  7. Austin Rohady says

    you dont know how to judge a drift comp

  8. ToXiC_Hillier623 says

    How do I drift the your events

  9. Rc Roku says

    F for BCON

  10. Abbyasa Bagjanamukti says

    Cool komentator 😁👍🏻

  11. Cg_ Ghost says

    The vette was laggjng

  12. Tyler Caramella says

    Lol uses Adam LZ’s car as a thumbnail view catcher 😂

  13. Antybox100 says


  14. Tadelyzas says

    why did you put Adams LZ car in the thumbnail ?

  15. Ian Evans says

    RIP in pepperoni for BCON that man was so sad in that first chase

  16. Kizashi Wellness says

    Whaaaat I thought Phant had that one in the bag. Super smooth; kept close while chasing and distant while leading!

  17. Zion Russell says

    How do you sign up for this?

  18. LiL Outlaw405 says

    What games is this

  19. Andymar Dela Cruz says

    how to download the game please

  20. Tyler Nelson says

    haha this dope

  21. Cameron Hendley says

    There's 68 likes god forgive me for what I'm going to do

  22. Lim 592 says

    I came because I saw bluss and adams car, I am disappointed nobody actually drove them

  23. Victor Hansen says

    Who’s good asf and tryna run tandems on ps4/pc?

  24. Henry • says

    Is this car x drift racing 2 or 1?

  25. angel FPV says

    id say omt! lol

  26. Space Boi says

    What is the bracket system your using

  27. Luwie__ says

    Your judging is hot garbage. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. mx says

    100% lag issues.

  29. Blender_ Fries says

    ThatOneGuy is in every video😂

  30. JackieChan says

    How do I play

  31. Aggressor says

    Phat was better in my opinion he's smother and more consecutive. Also do a only wheel drift comp.

  32. NSF BEATS says

    Called it

  33. RotaryFD says

    Brother you need to learn more about drifting, the first battle the chaser smacked the wall and had to brake and straightened, the chase driver was doing his job mimicing the chase driver and keeping prox, the fault would be on the chaser and be an incomplete

  34. Ashton Sorenson says

    Toyota mk 2

  35. masterface123456789 says

    What app do you use for the bracket and can I get it on Mac

  36. pete annand says

    Judging was a bit off for a few of the races but overall good vid

  37. vccampo says

    i have carx on my ps4 and now bought a pc and dont have money for carx now rip

  38. Silas Silverhorn says

    Your not judging on zones?

  39. Andrew Omeruo says

    reward won because of his livery thats the only reason he made massive contact with the wall twice during his runs where his opponent didn'r finals should have been easy vs phant

  40. ZOMBAxGAMES says

    Bro you, at best need another host (judge)
    There were some times where needs for OMT
    and it’s kinda hard to judge without an official driving line. Please take this into accountability

  41. cuco jr says

    Phant won no question

  42. ffs says

    bruh, this have huge potential, try to put some emotions into the commentary, look on fd commentators when he say “make some smoke” i have goosebumps

  43. Mr. Haze & Cherish Hils says

    I love the Laurel. Took me exactly a month to dial in but once you get the right tune that car is a beast.

    Great job Phant !

  44. Flickspy says

    noob video there is no mikko drifting

  45. wass de craic says

    alex car was way too fast

  46. trustmeim idonewithyourstuff says

    Are we able to join on mobile id like to see what it is like

  47. Canongang says

    How do we join

  48. DarudekYT says

    can i play even if i am on a phone?

  49. Ty Copher says

    Is it hard to drift in this game?

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