Blossom's Fake Video Exposed by food scientist | How To Cook That Ann Reardon


Food Scientist reacts to “Is your food fake or real?” video by Blossom and examines their claims. Is their video true or fake?
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel. Is there plastic in rice? Is there meat glue in steak? Is my meat glued together? What does meat glue look like? Do impure spices burn? How to tell if vitamins are synthetic? Why do cheese singles burn? Why does processed cheese burn with a flame? Does salt contain chalk? Is my food fake?
food laws regarding meat glue joined meat:

plastic rice myth:

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  1. Rachel says

    TEST TO FIND GOOD VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE:If they get burned by Ann Reardon: BADThanks Ann for all you do. Keep it up! 🙌😄

  2. asaia guizot says

    can she be ny teacher

  3. Roshni Pasupula says


  4. Wolfe949 says

    10:00 these pieces of slid cheese have low-fat content.The fat in chese helps it mealt.

  5. Jacob Cottom says

    6:06 "That makes the whole video a bit sus from the beginning"Ann just used the term "Sus" over a year before among us became a hit

  6. Wizardito-OL says

    That frankensteak is cursed.

  7. nyphrodel says

    While watching the turmeric supposedly catching fire after being removed from the flame, I thought that I saw a flame just outside of the camera's view. Hmm… So, I decided to run the video at a slower speed. For other viewers this is easily done: Settings, Playback Speed: set it to 0.25 and lo and behold, at 20:49, on the lower portion of the screen, right at the tip of the spoon, you can see a flame! This is obviously coming from a small blow torch with the intention of lighting that turmeric up!This is such a dishonest thing to do…if you're going to lie to the general public like this, which can in turn cost companies lost revenue because of this FEARMONGURING, at least try to be good at it. End result? People like me wasting time catching nasty little liars like 'Blossom" red-handed in their dirty work. PATHETIC! Thank you Ann! For your hard work seeking the truth for those who don't know how to find it and for using those truths to keep people better informed.

  8. Anaumta Mamoon says

    You should try tasty channel

  9. LunaStillSucks AtLife says

    8:33 hrmm yes fish oil bad.

  10. shaneboxhall says

    Vegan propaganda

  11. Gorillaz simp says

    Blossom is kinda susBlossom was an imposter

  12. Grainne C says

    Food laws in America are much more lax than in Europe or Australia

  13. Mananya's Violin says

    Some blossom hacks are really helpful…

  14. Soapie says

    How do we solve YouTube? Abolish the profit motive by abolishing capital and collectivize YouTube, allow the workers to have control over the work that they do, with oversight from society as a whole. Seize the means, kiddos.

  15. Sage Jacob says

    6:07she used the word sus. im proud

  16. Eshaan Sumesh says

    I found the first person to say sus 6:07

  17. Sunny The Little Sun says

    With the coffee one i was told that its the difference between freshly ground and stale coffee

  18. Easy English says

    6:08 Blossom acting sus

  19. Sabella K says

    6:09 she said sus…….

  20. Jane says

    I love the subtext that actually not so sub Our love for instent and the looks of things more then the actual meaning is an issue, it looks harmless maybe with food hacks but it's a singnitur of this age, the fake over the facts Thank you

  21. SovietGrazz says

    Do they fortify baby food with iron? Breakfast cereals are infamous for having iron filings in them, and they'll definitely look very similar when you run a magnet along a bag of cereal dust. Why not the same with baby food?

  22. Ashton Crews says

    was anyone else thinking yum Nachos whenn she put NaHCO3????

  23. •MiniAngel• says

    Ann: so that makes the whole video a bit sus Everyone: alright blossom is the imposter “Votes blossom”Blossom was An imposter (1 imposter remains)Everyone: “looks at 5 minute crafts”5 min crafts: “kills someone with bleached strawberries”Everyone: “votes 5min crafts”5 min crafts was an imposter (0 imposters remain)“victory” content farms has disappeared by Ann saying they are sus 🙂

  24. Sarah lovee says

    'Rat poo is natural and we don't want that in our food' Well…alright then

  25. Poorvika says

    I am convinced that the people who made these videos, slept through all their chemistry and biology lessons

  26. Hedgehog Lover says

    I want to make a Franken steak

  27. Saanthwana says

    Did you know WATER is a chemical ?

  28. apdarkness905 says

    I think a lot of these people who make these insane videos need anti-caking agent, because THEY are clumps.

  29. Chelsey - says

    If i saw the last tablet with no context. I would think it was a cookie.

  30. Divya Meenakshi R says

    5:30 yes i think its fake and no i am not going to tell why..

  31. Tathena Tubbs says

    9:33 blossom is funny, we butchered our own pigs and, wow, guess what was inside the flipping pig carcass! That ‘glue’ that blossom talked about! Amazing how much idiots are influenced by idiots.

  32. Tathena Tubbs says

    The one with the rice is funny because I like to eat raw hand fulls of rice (uncooked) and I could tell anyone that plastic forks do NOT taste the same.

  33. Tathena Tubbs says

    The one with the rice is funny because I like to eat raw hand fulls of rice (uncooked) and I could tell anyone that plastic forks do NOT taste the same.

  34. Dr.Manizha Khan says

    I thought for the cheese they didn't remove the plastic wrap so it was burning. It did look like that. But after hearing to all this cant believe on my eyes any more😁

  35. Micheal Taormina says

    wanna know what else is magnetic?iron

  36. pb as in lead says

    this is what exactly the social dilemma is all about. about the seriousness of circulating fake news and fake information. y’all should watch it in netflix.

  37. steade1e says

    Thank you so much!

  38. Crimson Skippers says

    This woman is trustworthy simping, She avoided so many stuff and stupidity by many stupid “crafting” channels

  39. Roxanne Oliva says

    You are so cool at first I thought you were just a homecook mother but you actually know what you're talking about 🥺🥺

  40. Alchemist says

    The franken-meat seems like an abomination, even though different meats are cooked together quite often. Why am I grossed out by franken-meat but not sausage lmao

  41. Kayl The Arty Cat says

    Keep reporting

  42. I WANT BACON says

    I like her voice

  43. Doug Kyle says

    As for the salt in the water even some natural minerals that occurre in water can react with salt

  44. Jake Sung says

    You've disproved the frankensteak… but at what cost?

  45. Nugrahanta Jr. says

    should we make a team called The Debunking Team?

  46. Emma Nostalgia says

    You're most clever

  47. Raya Jijo says

    I kind of want to try the Frankensteak….

  48. Chari D. says

    Frankensteak looks good, but not for steak. I'd love that ❤️

  49. Hallee_Sunflower says

    Holy crap she created the word sus 6:08

  50. Elizabeth Walker says

    Your baby food bit is way off. It's a science experiment nearly every elementary/middle schooler does in the US. Our cereals (and breads), including baby cereal, are fortified with iron. To show this to school children, you soak the cereal, mash it into a mush, and run a magnet over the mush. It pulls out the iron.

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