Breaking News: Everything There Is To Know About The 2019 Ford Ranger


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( ) Breaking News: Everything There Is To Know About The 2019 Ford Ranger.

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  1. The Fast Lane Truck says

    Thanks for watching. You can also check out the new 2019 Chevy Silverado HERE:

  2. Paul Peters says

    Bought one three weeks ago and love it couldn't be happier with it

  3. Secret Youtuber says

    Where is wildtrack

  4. Joe Berenguer says

    Tune to 400 hp

  5. Jonathan Jensen says

    1:51 “So what does the Ford Edge have to compete against?” I agree, not much of a truck and more of a disappointment.

  6. chickenfarm09 says

    Just go get a tried and true frontier

  7. bathiya01 says

    Is it full time 4wd

  8. Cauli Jutsu says

    You can get a rear locker on the 2wd for 26k. Not bad honestly

  9. Bee Bob says

    How about the MPG?

  10. Thank You says

    This truck is epic

  11. PainfulWhale says

    It’s sad when Andre the Russkie has better handwriting than me 😑

  12. Yamaha Fazer says


  13. terry jenkins says

    Made in Taiwan!

  14. Yippie says

    Does the FX4 package raise the ride height? I can't find this information anywhere.

  15. D&Dphotoadventure says

    I wonder how much the turbo will cost when it fails.

  16. YTGuero says

    So i guess this is not coming to Mexico?

  17. Chris Zacho says

    So they're already sabotaging it right from the start. It's choices (or rather lack of) like this that lead to the demise of the original.

  18. Akai nunyabiznes says


  19. Akai nunyabiznes says

    Australian design chassis. Damn right it'll be rigid.

  20. Akai nunyabiznes says

    RIP America. You miss out on the 2lt Bi-Turbo diesel, 3.2lt 5 cylinder diesel, and the 2.2lt 4 cylinder diesel.

  21. Crossman 3 says

    Imagine having the reassure your manhood by the type of transmission you have.You all are pathetic beta males lmao

  22. TheRiverkayaker says

    well the general consensus is in.. the new ranger is a belly flop… perhaps all of us with the disappointed comments should join up and start our own truck company and corner the truck market. we need to get these "useless sissy trucks " off the market.they are in a sense irresponsibly designed, the world does not need extra useless polluters on the roads. the world needs one simple small compact truck style and a larger truck for heavier duty work, period. there is too much duplicating of crap out there that simply does not fit the "real" needs of the public its also a waste of resources to mine the materials for all of it… reminds me of a fridge magnet i saw somewhere, "more crap for the masses" wheres the common sense gone to in this world…

  23. FOG It says

    Here is the problem with the 2.3l ecoboost. The top of the cylinders are not connected with any metal to the engine block to stop them from moving from side to side. This side to side motion is what is causing the head gasket to wear out on the Focus RS. The thicker head gasket just makes it take longer to wear through. By the time it does it will be out of warranty. If you want to keep the truck the best solution is to swap in a 2.7l ecoboost. The cylinders in that engine are connected to the top of the engine block.

  24. A T says


  25. A T says

    To bad nobody will make a base small truck…. no carpet…no power windows… manual trans….. just a basic truck without all the shit….

  26. East Coast Resident says

    Looks good, probably going to be a POS.

  27. David Burt says

    Designed by the team at Ford Australia. Surprised it’s not being offered with a torquey diesel such as the new 2.0litre biturbo. And what’s with Lariat ??? WTF? Wildtrack seems to resonate pretty well everywhere else.

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