1. LeftSideDown says

    Party of lies and manipulation. Fuck labour and national

  2. Karen Thorpe says

    And ACC?? Systemic fraud… And NOT kind… Hypocrite… Like our brand 'seen to be' clean and green'… You'll need to be more then 'seen to be'… Unswimable rivers… Your such a fraud…

  3. Fire & Brimstone says

    I think only brainwashed people will vote for ya now..

  4. MNZGA 2020 Make NZ Great Again says

    The loser party 😂😂 comrade horse

  5. teddy hogan says

    Labour 7 new taxs when promised none and 70 broken pre election promises fuck you Lieing labour

  6. andy lai says

    sorry, but you are so full of shit.

  7. PBPiano says

    Kia ora 👋

  8. Who likes beans says

    History is about to repeat in New Zealand with the coronavirus camps.

  9. Love and Light says

    vote New Zealand Public Party to preserve freedom and beauty of our country http://www.nzpp.org

  10. Pat Wilkins says

    Jacinda is a Catholic Jesuit shill, and a cowardly anti christ. The end. Thank you!

  11. gazzagarf cavs says

    What a dissapointment this Government has been. And I voted for it. Nice project fear you've got going tho

  12. BUGmouth ready says

    This channel for Labour could be seen as an example of what they have done in the last 6 months, stuff all! Not to mention the last 3 years

  13. Who likes beans says

    Jacinda Ardern is a totalitarian VVI-I0RE

  14. Michael Andrew says

    Jacinda has the biggest mouth and teeth in NZ

  15. Adnan Adnu says

    no new videos after 4 months

  16. Yfffad Kcud says

    Jacinda Aderns support for an investigative team into the China laboratory outbreak of c19 needs to ensure she learns about her foolish infatuation with communism’s final solution.It is satanic through and through.New Zealanders need to inform themselves about the real danger posed to each person who continue to support this evil in nz.Labor will totally ruin this country if left another 3 years in power.

  17. dave harbour says

    Hey Jacinda, are you going to boycott goods made in China? and are you going to ban Chinese industries from buying up our farmland and industrial companies? If not why not?

  18. BUGmouth ready says

    Pay cuts now "Voluntary"?… Despicable Labour! Absolutely despicable! 19/9 right now seems so far away!

  19. Who likes beans says

    Jacinda Ardern is a commie muslim-loving tyrant

  20. BUGmouth ready says

    Oh yeah, and hows that pay cut coming along? You can only fool half of the people, and that's not the right half. I have been using the underated yet seemingly appropriate word of "Hoodwinked" quite alot lately…

  21. BUGmouth ready says

    Well done today labour with ushering in the foundation for you're totalitarian socialist dictatorship! September 19 is not far away now

  22. G B says

    While Jacinda Ardern attempts to put on a human face to Covid-19 stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/121124382/live-prime-minister-makes-lockdown-announcement-at-4pm she openly supports the murder of the unborn child. She avoided questions from innumerous New Zealander's including women, but more importantly ignored 90% of New Zealander's whom raised concerns and rejected the murder of the unborn child. And it is a murder as the unborn child has a brain, heart beat and is breathing, thinking, dreaming and listening. * what was the question that Jacinda Ardern refused to answer from a group of women?* are late-term abortions up to birth now legal?* what were the proposed amendments that were all voted down? * did the majority of politicians really vote against a born-alive provision and a foetal pain provision?* did they ban sex-selection abortions? And what about the 20-week gestational time limit for disabilities e.g. Down syndrome – was that maintained or loosened?* will parents now be informed if their teenage is pregnant and wants an abortion? And is it true that abortions could possibly happen in school during school time?* how did the MPs vote – both on the final vote, but also on the proposed amendments? And how did your local MP/s vote?….and more.answers here…..chooselife.org.nz/lovethembothThis shows the cold face of our politicians whom do not listen to New Zealanders, ignore the democratic process by allowing NZ's to vote on this VERY IMPORTANT subject, but instead allows a referendum to held on the legalisation of marijuana, a drug to make you feel good, rather than saving a life. Why one must ask themselves, because little lives cost money, and this and successive Govt's are about spending money on Globalist policy, supporting big business, not supporting children or the lives of those we are blessed with nurturing and bringing into this world.What a dispicable person Jacinda A is and a mother with very little human affection going by the fact she abandoned her child to attend meetings, saying her baby doesn't need her. If this is what is leading NZ, those of us that believe in families and nurturing the unborn and born, will have an battle on our hands in this tyrannical politically incorrect world that is being forced on us. Shameful.

  23. Mark Nicol says

    Absolute rubbish….health minister off mountain biking telling NZ to stay at home during lock down. MEDIA NOT HOLDING THE MINSTERS FEET TO THE FIRE..I will not forget and many NZer's will not forget.

  24. Hona Wikeepa says

    Adrenochrome from Wuhan was infected with China CCP Corona virus. The cull of the world's elite has commenced. Comrade Jacinda Hijab Ardern will be concerned. The China CCP 'Belt and Road' plans to rule the world are finished. Communism, is in decline.

  25. Iseelions says

    NZ today is literally a totalitarian state. No exaggeration, the literal definition of totalitarianism. Citizens stripped of their rights by order of the Labour government. No right to peacefully assemble, no right to private property, no right to a free market not even the right to leave your own home.This will be labours legacy, the party that turned NZ into the exact tyrannical system our grandparents and great grandparents gave their lives to fight against. Supported by their police enforcers and people so cowardly that they would sell out their own countrymen to feel safe, this government has destroyed this country not just for us but for every generation that comes after us that will never know freedom from tyranny.Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.Benjamin Franklin

  26. T Patterson says

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRTtkbtMISI This is what we need here .Not these evil lefty's when good comes in the form of evil. Example Inducing cows banned in NZ (which I agree with) Killing unborn babies promoted by This Government unborn calf's have more rights than unborn humans .

  27. DSG says

    To offset the losses to Governments so as to not overburden the Taxpayer.Assets owned by Chinese nationals and the Chinese Government in countries affected by the Wuhan Covid-19 Corona Virus should be nationalized, and sold off to the highest bidder.

  28. Wayne Johnson says

    Yep labour likes stilling money from people's benefits to pay for social housing even now thay take 25% long before 30th March I'm not voting for Labour again your no better than national 😞😞😞😞😞

  29. G B says

    Search Operation Vigilant Eagle , an operation by US Home Land Security / DHS whom are arresting American Citizens and returning US vets, that focuses on anyone that speaks up against the (US) Govt, so anyone that disagrees with their Govt. The Patriot act was brought in to diminish not only US citizen rights, but the rights of anyone across the face of earth whom would speak out against the US and its illegal wars e.g Iraq, Syria, Libya, Kosovo etc etc etc, not forgetting 9/11 – the facts surrounding this can be viewed on the documentary 9/11 The Next Pearl Harbor, the story in a nutshell can be viewed at "9/11 In a Nutshell," as shocking and True as it is.New Zealand is following the US's lead by introducing US style policy that diminishes our rights, and it all started with the Christchurch Mosque.

  30. G B says

    $425 Million Reasons why the WHO will not announce a ‘Pandemic’At some stage over the past couple of week at least 760 million people in China were under some sort of lock down. The US has around 350 million people, that’s half of China under some form of lock down.The Japanese Govt is taking a different approach, to focus the countries Medical resources on the most serious cases, while telling people with mild cases “to deal with it at home.” The basic premise of theJapanese plan is the virus cannot be stopped, which gives some credence to a thesis put forward by an epidemiologist from Harvard by the name Of Mark Lipsitch, which is, about 70% of the world may eventually come down with this virus. This is consistence with the statement from the head of the public Health department at HongKong University who said essentially the same thing a couple of weeks ago, 5-6 Billion people will come down with the corona virus, in most cases this will be relatively mild, but for 20% of cases it will turn serious or critical, and that is the concern.Researchers at the University of Carolina are trying to create this Virus in the lab from scratch. This is the same lab headed by Ralph Baric PHD, School of Medicine, Microbiology Immunology UNC https://www.med.unc.edu/microimm/directory/ralph-baric-phd-1 , who in 2015 synthesized a new Corona-Virus, starting with a bat Corona-Virus, from a species of bat found in China, then adding a Novel protein spike that allowed it to adapt very easily to the ace2 receptors found in mice cells. They also found during the research that they couldn’t stop it with Monoclonal anti-bodies or a vaccine. This really alarmed other researchers in the field who pointed out that the ace2 receptors that the corona virus binds to access the host cell, to make new copies of it-self, are very similar to the ace2 receptors in humans. Two of the researchers on PHD Baric’s research Team now work at the Wuhan Institute for Virology (ground zero for the Corona-Virus).What they were trying to do at Baric’s lab at the University of Carolina In Chapel Hill, was to come up with infectious viral particles that they could use to create a treatment or vaccine, which is what it is theorized could be the reason for the research back in 2015 that so alarmed the rest of the virology community.The WHO has been very slow to declare this a Pandemic. The last Time the WHO declared a world wide pandemic was with the outbreak of the H1N1 in 2009. At that time, the swine flue had infected 30k people. The figures as at the 27th Feb are 81k infected with the Corona-Virus, and climbing. So why has the WHO been so slow? The WHO has termed this “a public health emergency of international Concern, and its director general Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus of the CDC said that the PHEIC is the highest level of alarm, so why are they shying away from using the word “pandemic”?This might be the reason – 425 Million Reasons!The World Band back in 2017 issued a $425 Million catastrophe bond, supporting Its Pandemic Emergency Finance Facility (PEF). There are Two tranches bonds that are set to mature in July 2020 unless a pandemic is declared first, in which case investors loose the $425 Million, which is then sent to 3rd world countries trying to fight the disease. Investors are making high profits on these bonds, 6% or 11% depending on the type they purchased, but if a pandemic is declared the bonds are liquidated and the money used to fight the disease. $425 million reasons not to declare or use the word “Pandemic.”The CDC in the US announced on Tuesday 25th that in the event of a global Pandemic Workers may have to telecommute and schools may have to switch to internet based schooling in order to stop the spread of the disease. President Trump responded by stating that reports of the corona-virus were blown way out of pro-Portion, nothing to see here, and unhappy with the effect on the markets (and His chance of reelection more like it), edition.cnn.com/2020/02/27/politics/trump-coronavirus-response-market-meltdown-backlash/index.html – Pres. Trump is more concerned with the markets and their performance rather than the spread of the virus. A back lash appears to have changed is stance to some degree.It would be prudent that all people take precautions as there is a chance that If you are infected with the corona-virus, you could become critically ill, but there are of course mitigating circumstances that may influence how your body reacts, and that could be anything from having existing health issues, to a low or poor immune system. The best way to protect ones self is to prepare, wear a mask and protective goggles there by mitigating and reducing the likelihood of infection. Why did Dr Nancy Messonnier of the CDC issue such a dire warning on Monday 24th, suggesting we may have to close schools and work from home. Is it possible she is part of the resistance?  Dr Nance Messonnier is the sister of former deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed William Muller as special council to investigate the Russian conspiracy and it was reported back in Nov 2016, right after the election of Pres. Trump, that some of the CDC’s employees Atlanta were literally crying in the hallways because of Trumps election win.Unprincipled capitalism at its worst!

  31. droid says

    What progress you’ve made in the past 2 years?

  32. Robert McCabe says

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02TwdiRUJTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuBB3GNGQIk As the ministry of health is doing a pitiful job of keeping NZ safe.

  33. G B says

    Breaking News! The Big NZ Downgrade, down grading your rights, diminishing your ability to think for yourselves, and ensuring that Politicians can walk over you without listening to a word you the people have to say. Because you cannot think for yourselves, according to politicians. This is not democracy but autocracy where your vote doesn't count for anything because some how a vote gives the incumbent political party the power to make any decision it feels fit, like changing gun laws based on erroneous fabrications, changing laws so your freedom to express one's self is totally diminished and will be called "hate speech" if someone takes offense to it. These are the lunatic draconian laws that have been introduced in Britain.We have had people reading the Bible in public arrested, we have had an autistic child arrested because what they said offended someone. The political madness that has swept the Western world is nothing more than Govt's wanting to force their political agenda on everyone, an agenda that curtails any form of free speech that may be deemed offensive, irrespective of what that is.This is not democracy it is autocracy and a totalitarian political state, enforced of course by the armed thugs roaming our streets with rifles, to ensure you tow the political line, and no dissension will be tolerated by the totalitarian state. Time to immigrate to another country or world, not run by mixed up Western politicians whom serve the UN and the US, not its population.

  34. G B says

    Jacinda A is allowing New Zealand to be turned into a police state. We now have police hit quads roaming our streets in typical American style, and i would assume influenced by the same, the very people who seek to undermine sovereign nations across this planet, ignore international law and use their military and CIA to attack any country that will not bow to US hegemony. One can only assume the roll out of the police with military style weapons, roaming our streets, is maybe a precursor to the Corona-Virus, which is out of control in China, China doing what every they can to hide the true numbers affected, the numbers that have succumbed to this lethal bio-weapon released in Wuhan, a disease which we now know takes up to 24 days to incubate. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on Tuesday evening prohibiting Chinese citizens from entering Russia for tourism, work and for private purposes. The new rules are effective from Thursday.
    The decision is the strongest measure yet taken to prevent the entry and spread of the new coronavirus in Russia. Previously, Russian Railways suspended all passenger traffic to and from China, and flights have been heavily restricted. In addition, border crossings in the Far East have been closed.

    “From 00:00 local time on February 20, 2020, the passage of citizens of the People’s Republic of China across the state border of the Russian Federation entering the territory of the Russian Federation for labor purposes, for private, educational and tourist purposes, is temporarily suspended,” read a statement issued by the government's operational headquarters headed by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. And Mrs Adern is about to spend $11M of NZ tax dollars on tourism to try and appease the Chinese, whom are not happy that countries are blocking their infected citizens from entering their countries, and thus stopping the spread of the disease. One has to wonder whether this is a directive from the WHO / CDC or the Bankers, whom obviously do not want to see world trade come to a grinding halt, but one only has to look at the Brent Index to realize global trade is at a almost standstill and that means GDP's / economies globally will be affected.If ware are all locked in our homes, unable to work, what happens to those without money to buy food? What happens to those with children they cannot feed? It turns to anarchy – hence we now have police hit quads roaming out streets in preparation.

  35. kaydog890 says

    Do my tax dollars pay for your YouTube ads ?

  36. Island hustle says

    How about the kiwis here in Australia… we need help as well, since national 2001 influence on kiwi support in Australia, no welfare support ? we NEED HELP…

  37. Captain Opinion says

    Jacinda could have legalised medical and recreational marijuana but clearly does not have the cahones. Referendum? Too little, too late. Wrong side of history, Jacinda #turnadern

  38. benwnz says

    If your gonna upgrade school stop with the god damn open plan classes. They don’t work. As a student of a brand new school it doesn’t work at all and it is unfit as a learning environment. I think Labour should find a way to fix the education system of New Zealand so that your not going to school because you have to, but because you want to.

  39. Armon Wp says

    Remember to always flush twice. It's a long way to Labour HQ

  40. Wai Hong Lai says

    Well well well well well.National*Get all the blame because the leftists and neocons ridicule them because "Capitalism". Labour*Steals the idea from National by bringing up this "Infrastructure Plaaaaan".Me and rest of the 9 year olds: Dude wtf.

  41. Oliver says

    What the hell is even the point of campaigning if all you're going to do is build roads like National probably would have done anyway? $0.2B for decarbonisation in the same announcement as $8B for roads is a huge insult to your voters and to everyone under the age of 40 which is the majority of New Zealanders. And this is after two years of Grant Roadbertson's cruel and unnecessary austerity.

  42. Her Shadow says

    Well Labour can't exactly use the 100,000 house building line again, can they. It was the ONLY policy they had that was worth a damn, and many, many people voted for them on that basis. The dispossessed at the bottom of the social heap don't give a shit about infrastructure. Ardern dares to sit in front of a photo of Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage and a miniature replica of a State house – Savage was a truly great man who was responsible for building the first State houses and ushering in a time of prosperity and social contentment. Starting with Helen Clark, Labour AND National had a massive sell off of State houses to the highest bidder, so remember to THANK THEM BOTH when you pay your $700 rent next week and eat instant noodles for your dinner.

  43. Andrew Naziris says

    @New Zealand labour party why is the cyclist not wearing a helmet? Is this not a legal requirement?

  44. Rainbow Trout says

    Be good if you did this any before an election year.Or if you spent more than 3% of this budget on the south island which is 22% of the country's population and gdp…..

  45. Iseelions says

    So your announcing that you are spending the money you stole from us on roads… thanks I guess.You are not getting reelected, I suggest you seek employment with that Chinese communist party you love so much.

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