1. Tom Luthander says

    All I heard was somebody screaming

  2. owen franck says

    Lool nick is a fucking joke. Lebron will never be mj. Never

  3. Jake Rojas says

    Jordan won more. Guarantee if LeBron was more of a prick – 8 championships.They're both goat

  4. Carl Benjamin says

    Nick is a G.O.A.T

  5. Jeremy Dalton says

    Here's the funny thing about this. Lebron wins his fourth title and NOW Bronsexuals want to act like championships matter but Jordan has fucking SIX Championships without a loss and Bronsexuals act like Lebron has the edge. I guess championships don't matter for no other player but Lebron just like they count Lebron going to the Finals as winning. Bronsexuals are a really troubled group lol.

  6. big daddy says

    Kobe's in heaven like hold my beer.

  7. ethan beers says

    celtics won 8 in a row…

  8. Me Hill says

    Jordan did have a weakness he could not win without pippen

  9. R Borders says

    This guy nick is an idiot

  10. Konner69 says

    lebron will be credited for playing at the high level the longest ever, does that make him the goat? maybe but when I watched Jordan play Jordan ran and controlled the entire pace and game himself. Lebron doesn't do that

  11. Ben L says

    There is also gonna be a bunch of hall of famers (future) in the current roster who will never win the NBA title. I don't see how that is relevant to the GOAT debate. MJ did it at his prime with the best team in the world, with the best coach in the history of the NBA. So i can easily say, majority of MJ's winning titles is down to his team mates and his coach on top of the great player. You can't deny that fact. Can you say the same about LBJ? You can't. He won his titles with 3 different teams with 3 different team mates with 3 different coaches. The only similarity between those 3 … the Man himself LBJ. Im not saying MJ is not good. He was awesome. But when you do it with the best, you can't separate out other factors. He didn't need to earn his place on the team. He already had it. Lebron had to go to each team and earn it. He didn't need to play different styles of basketball. He only needed to play 1 style. Cos the team already complimented him and the coach knew how to use him. Lebron had to adapt to 3 different styles of playing. He even had to play in a different position. Basketball is not just 1 position. Its not just 1 style. FYI greatness comes in many forms. Physicality in sports is a variable itself. When you can play at the top level and last, that is greatness in itself. MJ played few seasons. Even took time off. That is weakness. But people refuse to recognize that out of favoritism. You have to take into account all aspects of the game. If not, why bother counting them at all? When all said and done, don't forget, MJ left the game 3 times. For whatever reason, that is on him. Let me put it again … Your current GOAT … QUIT the GAME 3 times!! How shameful is that?

  12. ib Zagus says

    Nick got me rolling 😀😃😃😄😁😆😅🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  13. Ray Whorton says

    Most LeBron fans didn’t bother watching The Last Dance.

  14. Navid says

    MJ lovers dont wanna hear facts.

  15. Dashaun Huston says

    Jordan weakness was he shot too much. That's why he never won in the 80s. The triangle saved MJ.

  16. Dashaun Huston says

    The 90s was trash!

  17. Roderick Wilson says

    Nick you tore a new asshole into Chris ! Things the media hlde!lol😀

  18. Queen E says

    People will never give Lebron his credit because then you will have to admit that you spent way too much time and money for some damn shoes.

  19. Nicolas Alcalde says

    "Jordan didn't have any weaknesses." Meanwhile Jordan was punching teammates in the face and refusing to speak to Rodman off the court…. Meanwhile if you take away the three years the NBA moved up the three point line several feet Jordan would have the worst percentage in the history of the NBA…. Meanwhile Jordan wasn't the leader of his teams….

  20. Trenton says

    These old senile guys like chris broussard aren't capable of using logic in their arguments. How does he get paid to be that bad as an analyst?

  21. Chris says

    I find it interesting when members of the media talk about “the media” as if they are not a part of it.

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