1. Jack Sugden says

    As ever the children suffer man’s inhumanity to both man and women.

  2. DHARMYOG_COM says

    Why is no Muslim country standing up? Where is the Muslim umma?

  3. DHARMYOG_COM says

    She is involved because she is Muslim no other reason. If she cares so much then where was she when hindu pundits were killed and kicked out from Kashmir. Where was the human rights people?

  4. nawaz khan says

    Coco i m talking about children and women y they kill them ……..i think u r gf of buma pm

  5. din dunia says

    U see face ,bangaladesh pipole or burma ,,
    Dont sey like that ,,muslim onely one god bilive so good,,
    Ur gautam budh india bihar school reding ,if gautam budh god so why school go,,,

  6. LittleCreatureASEAN says

    It will be lot Easier If Pakistan and Bangladesh take the Rakhine Refugee, Burma is still going through changes, Surely every men has potential if Economic meet the supply chain demand, but this fragile country is 40 years backward and tin layers political stability still exit.
    By having too many Refugee is problem that face every part of the world, Namely European Union, Americas and Asia pacific.
    By looking at Rakhinese have change the own Languages from previous and lie about population census,  and claiming this part of land to their, Our old saying you are not going to get a inch of it …

  7. mohammed zubair says


  8. Prokzy Peace says

    many buddhist,hindus and chirstian wer killed or forcefully converted to islam in bangladesh…

  9. Farzana says

    More needs to be done… :(((

  10. KisoTech Khaled says

    fuck budda in his stone ass

  11. ImperialKaiserk says

    Burma and Buddhism go to hell

  12. bahga77 says

    very good

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