Can LBSU Pull Off Biggest Upset in School History?? – LBSU | NCAA Basketball 10 – Ep 21


We are back with more LBSU Dynasty here on the channel in the WCC Conference Tournament after winning in the quarterfinals and advancing to the Semis where we face top seed Gonzaga in a rematch where they swept us in both games in the regular season. Can we get our revenge or will our season come to an end? Hit Subscribe!!

Quarter Length: 15 mins Regular Season | 16 mins Playoffs

The Long Beach State Beach men’s basketball team represents California State University, Long Beach in Long Beach, California. The school’s team currently competes in the Big West Conference. The team last played in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2012. The Beach are currently coached by Dan Monson. Long Beach State officially changed their nickname with the NCAA to “Beach” from “49ers” prior to the 2019–20 season.

In the 2006–07 season, the 49ers finished with a 24–8 (12–2) record, the Big West conference championship, and the school’s first trip to the NCAA tournament in 12 years. Star guard Aaron Nixon was named Big West player of the year, as well as being selected as an AP Honorable Mention All-American

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  1. KingTrevor 84 says

    Ugh school always making me miss these amazing vids luckily it’s weekend and thanksgiving break is coming. Also tnj you uploading on thanksgiving

  2. Fallen Hero says


  3. ZV Wrestling says

    Tough opponent for long beach. Gonzaga is a power house in the wcc and nationality

  4. Josh Joyner says

    Thanks for keeping it realistic. It wouldn’t be fun to see LBSU when the natty every year

  5. Chris U316 says

    I hate this new update. I hop into the video and the first thing I see is “tuff loss”🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  6. Zach Davis says

    It’s gonna be another two years before we become real competition for Gonzaga

  7. russel masa says

    Team is Underrated look forward to see this on final four next season from this underdog team , much love from Philippines

  8. Vladimir Perlov says
  9. Justin DiRoberto says

    gonzaga is just a power house team don’t sit on the L

  10. Johnny Kilo says

    That’s a tough loss, but the guys played with a lot of heart. That Gonzaga team is a Swiss Army knife like their real life counterparts 10 years later. Oh I wanted to put this in when you guys hosted Gonzaga poking fun at my younger brother. “You were suppose to destroy Gonzaga, not join them”

  11. The PS4 Boy says

    Subscribed But Long Beach will comeback

  12. Najee Morales says

    Can you show your recent sliders next video plz bro I wanna see how you get ya fouls that way

  13. GCE Sports says

    just started a player lock career on CH2K8

  14. Татьяна Федорова says
  15. TJ Dragneel says

    Rough loss but the future is looking bright for the teams underclassmen

  16. Vuji Mahjajela says

    Love the vidoes

  17. Noljitsu says

    Great video and great game!

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