Carnival Cruise CCL Stock and Boeing GOOD NEWS


Carnival Cruise Stock CCL Stock and Boeing Stock BA Stock both had some good news come out today that make these very appealing investments and stocks to buy in 2020. Carnival Stock has some good news around the cruise line industry that will help the stock in 2020 and 2021, and Boeing Stock had some company specific news that shows the moat and strength of this company.

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  1. Positive Investing says

    Do you want to see these type of news update videos on other stocks moving forward?

  2. Angel Garcia says

    I owned just enough CCL to get the On Board Credit. When the price dropped, I bought more. I think cruises are here to stay. My favorite is Holland America Line. We usually cruise three times per year. My favorite place to Cruise is the Mediterranean!

  3. stream2watch says

    The probability of bankruptcy in CCL is not ruled out at all. Very big claim to say that it is. Also, the notion that 2021 interest in cruises would somehow be peaking compared to 2019 seems implausible at best, or even fraudulent. This is just mindless echoing of an unlikely probability. Who profits? Cruises ought to be about as tainted by Corona as Malaysian Airlines were tainted by missing planes. Nobody in their right mind would believe that the general public are excited to get cruising ASAP: As for Boeing. Who wants to buy rebranded 737 Max when you can buy second hand planes from all those airlines that are gonna go into bankruptcy soon? Planes are gonna be cheaper than rural property of the same size.

  4. markovvv says

    Bro are you from canada

  5. Gerardo Garza says

    Yes, please do a video about what to expect from BOEING in the next earning report, should I buy before or after the ER??????

  6. Si Manda says

    Your wrong about Carnival.
    They are going to go BUST.
    Nobody will cruise until a cure is found or more than 50% of people have had Covid 19.
    Look at the demographic of passengers, they are older as they have the time.
    The secret is out over 75's are most affected and its those people that cruise most!

  7. Akr o says

    Why you say “the global issue” instead of Covid 19? Is it because of YT algorithms?

  8. limeyosu2000 says

    I worry more about Boeing as before this happened they were already in trouble 1 year of grounded planes, and I'm sure they are getting sued for the crash's that happened on the 737 maxs, that are still broken.

  9. Meet Patel says

    Yes create more video like this

  10. ry says

    Are people not realizing that most of these stocks have more then doubled in the past 5 years? Im not looking at 2016 to current date prices I’m looking at 2008 prices. If a stock is still worth way more now then it was in 2008 I’m not touching it.

  11. Silveera Lee says

    I got 200k shares at 11$ for carnival I’m just going to hold them hopefully things go back to normal

  12. richard none says

    things are looking good for cruising ha ha ha what the fuck are you smoking they are canceling cruises and will have to go into bankruptcy to cancel all the new ship orders they wont need all they did is buy some time . most wont make it to 2021

  13. Neo Ren Jie says

    After such a long lockdown, we're dying to get out there on some holiday and cruises! If people are going to be scared of travelling, that's the best time to get some great discounts. Hopefully places like Disneyland are not going to be too crowded.

  14. Mars Ra says

    The only way cruises could even start up would be if every employee and passenger was tested to be immune to coronavirus.. which means they wouldve had to ALREADY have it.. these companies are lying to get ppl to buy and hold the stock because they know they can get away with it.. even in 2021 there will be too much risk of ppl getting the virus to start cruises

  15. Ron Krikorian says

    Bankrupt both of them!

  16. First Tee says

    Wouldn't be a problem as long as people feeling sick will stay their ass at the house. They showed a chart from swine flu era. Point .6% chance to get it on cruise ship and 8 to 10% on land based store. Cruise ships are typically clean it's those sick ass people getting on.

  17. mich Z says

    You’re sources are weak ! You cannot get your information about cruise business from cruise sites ! That’s called conflict !

  18. J Wennig says

    Yes, Boeing earnings video plz 🤘🏼

  19. Daniel Godfrey says

    This guys not as clued up as the others ccl is a dangerous cruise stock why do you think the interest on the bail out loans are so high, it’s danger money the company’s still may go bankrupt

  20. Brian Pak says

    I am going to buy CCL stock @$7.5 when this is approaching that price.

  21. Durvesh Pilankar says

    Loving the news coverage 🙌🏻 keep it going

  22. ScaryBoo Who says

    dude the demand isn't there. CCL is transfering customers too 2021 if they want with some extra perks too try and hold onto the cash already customers paid. Its a scam

  23. Kevin P says

    Great content! Just wondering, where you got the data at 3:47?

  24. Josh H says

    None of the typical signals matter right now, no one has a clue what will happen. Conjecture and speculation across the board.

  25. Joe C. says

    bought BA at $99 and sold at $160. used the profit to buy more UBER. bought CCL more at $9 and now my avg is $24.

  26. Amumu David says

    thank you for good information

  27. Lucky Lee says

    Great content. The volatility must be very enjoyable for day traders. Do you have any thoughts on Zynga? Zynga is up 9% since this video was made. We have analysts saying that gaming companies are ‘good houses in a bad coronavirus neighbourhood’ as most stocks tumble. Zynga monthly downloads are up 66% this month, but the stock has barely moved. Do you think these downloads will give the mobile gaming monolith a bump?

  28. Shayy Whyte says

    Thank you. I got in on CCL when it was $8 and got in on BA today on the downward. Wish I would have gotten in when it was $90s.

  29. Tony Diep says

    Who tf is booking cruises when there isn’t gonna be a vaccine til 2023?? It’s like I’m living in the twilight zone.

  30. Susan Ananda says

    Congratulations to those who bought them last week

  31. גלית לוין says

    Can you make a video in NLY?

  32. L Boogie says

    I’m heavy in CCL stock wise however, instead of me going with Boeing.. I’m thinking maybe Airbus maybe a better move for me..

  33. ha le4825 says

    do you change your clothes every 2 months? i don't know if i would take advise from someone who does that lmao

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