1. helenek says

    this whole concept of shaped skiis was nothing more than a marketing gimmick to salvage a fading industry! the x generation and the boarders were taking over so they redesigned skiis to imitate the boarders .thus, everything got changed from gear to the way they set courses. it got really sloppy. its helter-skelter, get down the mountain anyway you can! ugly! technique not necessary. the ski does all the work. just go for a ride. anyone with good technique can do it on two-by-fours if they had to……

  2. No Censorship says

    we called it throwing em sideways = bad

  3. Dutch Flats says

    Bode Miller used to make this kind of turn quite often? I used to call it a skid…carve when watching it….skid the top, carve the bottom.

  4. Lehmann Peters says

    Well, before there were extremely radiused skis, this is what all racers did! This is not new!

  5. Junior Johnson says

    Sorry to see the regs changed to force this type of pivoting and tail pushing that was the technique of 40 years ago. HOWEVER, every skier needs to learn how to pivot and skid, even on the latest racing skis, so that it is one more arrow in their quiver if the need arises.

  6. JIM2oob says

    Blame the regulations and course setters…. the racers are still brilliant. What's old school is new again.

  7. LaurieTaylorSki says

    A stivvy done right does feel good.. but now the regulations are going down to 30m

  8. Eric Beaulieu says

    Old school! They had to do this in the 90's before the carving skis came on the market. If you have to do this, you either come to fast, got the wrong line or the course is very badly set… My 2 cents!

  9. The cousin games says

    you have the same exact name as the owner of crystal mountain wa.

  10. tarkus 00 says

    wow! really sloppy skiing. if anyone sets a course like that they'd be fired. thats just plain stupidity……

  11. misterfunnybones says

    Not an issue for speed skiing – France Ski de Vitesse (F.S.V.) rules.

  12. Steven Overing says

    Pretty Funky looking !!!

  13. John F. Koster says


  14. peter dragonsin says

    Seems like an awful lot of "experts" who don't know what they are talking about in the comment section.

  15. Josh Christopherson says

    LOL! Stivots are not anything new…yawn :-/

  16. Steve Baum says

    That absolutely sucks!    Skis were meant to CARVE!UGLY!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ian Beveridge says

    What a horrible step backwards! Every beginner racer under the sun makes that ugly skid before a turn – now the rules are forcing even the best to do it. Coaches don't need to teach it. So if skis evolve once again to remove it – despite foolish geometry restrictions – will the idiots in charge of the sport change the rules again? Probably. 

  18. Jacob Sampson says

    This is in fact being used more and more by racers to turn and initiate the turn and it is being taught at an earlier age. This is something my high school coach began teaching very shortly after most learned to carve. Even skiers such as Ted Ligety have begun to stivot. Seeing as he is #1 in the world in GS and is often seen ahead by at least a second, I don't see him as being one to risk losing speed and considering his very tough workout regemin, he can handle these courses, so you are wrong.

  19. Jacob Sampson says

    Actually, this is in fact being used more and more by racers to turn and initiate the turn and it is being taught at an earlier and earlier age. This is something my high school coach began teaching us very shortly after most learned the basic carve. Even skiers such as Ted Ligety, "Mr. GS" have begun to use this, and seeing as he is #1 in the world in GS and is often seen ahead by at least a second, I don't see him as being "afraid of speed."

  20. willplay1a says

    Whatever you want to call it it's skidding. I'm sorry but this is not the next evolution of ski racing… (unless ski racers all suddenly become afraid of speed, then this might happen xD)

  21. Dušan Duda says

    sorry, you are not right. It is simple sliding(brake), for everyone who is not blind, point. The racers do the slide only because he/she is not able to bear the extremely high pressure on his legs in such sharp turns which clean carving would demand. Slide allways decreases your speed comparing with propper carve, so no questions.
    If racer has enough strong legs, he doesnt decrease his speed this way. The problem is comming from the turn, which is demanding something they cant deliver. Point.

  22. Scott Martin says

    Hey Benny! Just so- to teach my 17 year old to ski 30m. GS I bought a pair of 1996 Stockli Race slaloms, mounted them at 50mm with an old Fischer plate, Rossi WC's and a book with lots of pics of Thoeni, Stenmark, Mahre, etc.; people make fun of her from the lift, but she's gone from 'carving only' through stem to parallel in only a month. US College racing goes full 30-35m. for GS in 2013-14!

  23. Daali94 says

    well actually the techniques have changed only a tiny bit… I thought the change would be much more radical

  24. jaspermatty says

    Ugly stuff 🙁

  25. Benny Wilson says

    back to the 60's and 70's we go just a little tail at the end of the turn and rebound to the next ….bringing back gustavo and piero style skiing also a hint of ingemar and steve so why the de-evolution in racing … ? who knows.. we became so old school that we are now new school the circle will be unbroken…

  26. Bloefeld2002 says

    The course is set so that it is impossible to get to the rise line before initiating a turn, so the skier has to almost hop to the fall line to get his turn started. This is fine because he finishes in each case with a carved turn, and every one faces the same issue with the course. Obviously it would be faster if the course-set was closer to 30 or 40 M radius turns.
    One can see that the skidding input causes many balance issues and consequent upper body gyrations to stay up. Great video.

  27. Bloefeld2002 says

    Same issues as in 1972. There is nothing new under the sun.

  28. Сергей Филиппенко says

    Yeah!!! That is it… Though, looking at Soelden GS I noticed it was not that bad (as to Ted Ligety skiing), but I feel how much effort it took to be in line… What the hell was this stuff done for???

  29. Niccolo says

    True! They changed discipline! Now isn't real GS! Now is fucking old shool skiing!!
    Who want to watch this shit!

  30. Сергей Филиппенко says

    Looks ugly !!! IMHO this idea destroys the elegance of GS (((

  31. olicass says

    quite literally fuck that

  32. David Cuthill says

    The side-cut carve, where the edged ski is bridged across the narrow waist by support from the widest points isn't the only way to carve. Using the ski as a cantilever (like a springboard levered at one end only rather than a bridge) is already done when the racer tail-jet at the exit of the gate. You'll see shots of racers carving tight arcs of a couple of metres – but only the tails are in contact with the snow.
    Maybe new techniques of engaging forepart of the ski?
    More at SkiPresto

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