Complete Roadmap for Android Development || Noob to Advanced || Android Developer 2020


This video is the one of the most demanded video on our channel. It consists of a complete path or guidance of how/what/when/where to study the stuff for a Coding Stream Student in order to become a great Android developer.
It consists of a complete and Ideal strategy that a student should follow in order to get the most.

Be Positive, Be Strong…

Course Details:
User Interface –
User Input –
Multiscreen Apps –
Networking course –
Data Storage course –
Developing Android Apps course –
Advanced Android App Development –
Firebase in a weekend –
Material Design Course –

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  1. Love Babbar says

    If want to learn in Java, then follow these courses.If want to do Development in Kotlin or Flutter, then just take app ideas from these courses and try to implement that same functionality using the language you want..

  2. Sid says

    please abd error ka soultion bataooo me vahi atki hu T-T

  3. ARPIT SAINI says

    Or sir WHAT about FLUTTER @lovebabbar

  4. Vineet Kapoor says

    Thanks bhai

  5. Princy Anghan says

    courses is not free on udacity

  6. Udatta Chowdhury says

    Bhaiya android studio vagera kese setup krna hai?

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  8. Kushagradheer Srivastava says

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  9. Mohammad Danish says

    Hi Babbar, Please make video on data science with python roadmap

  10. Vikram Rayavarapu says

    Don't do development Better go for competitive coding. It lands you into job.Saying above words from experience.

  11. sumit basera says

    Sbse best anuj bhaiya ke channel mai android pda rhe h ❤️

  12. Anjali Srivastava says

    Sir, all the courses are now paid.


    Algorithm kaha se pdna hai… course mai batayege ya alag se sikhna pdega

  14. Siddharth Gupta says

    Isn't this course too outdated like it was created in 2015 and we are in 2020 , a hell lot of development in these 5 yearsPlz love sir ans ??

  15. SATYAM RAWAT says

    bhiya agar life mai apse mila to ye wala dialogue pakka bulwaunga " or amazone ke interview……" hahahaha

  16. Ritik Saini says

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  17. All In Hindi says

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  18. All In Hindi says

    how i can Contact you bhai

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  20. Live Engineering says

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  22. sunil puse says

    Free h kya courses?

  23. Hemant Patel says

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