Cool – Soccer Mommy (Cover) for Kayla


A cover requested by Shae for Kayla! Happy Belated Birthday, Kayla! A lot of love for a fellow gemini’s 21st! I so appreciate you two bonding over my videos and letting me be apart of this special year for you.

Credit to Alex (@_alexokay_ on Insta) for the shirt, highly recommend them a follow if you need a talented artist to follow!

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  1. kori short says

    Two years : (

  2. Angela Maldonado says

    Sometimes I come back to your channel in hopes you have a new cover up to feel the nostalgia from my teen years. You have a way of making people feel seen, comfortable and valid. Your what love means to me video gave me life back then and I still think about it to this day. Take care of yourself you sweet creature ❤️

  3. Chlo Rose says

    Anyone know if they still have Instagram? Used to follow them for years but deleted Instagram but now im back and can't find them on limewirevirus anymore?!

  4. Sean Heberly says

    Where did you disappear to again?

  5. TwistedTyme says

    We miss you. 💚

  6. Step Back says


  7. daniel simpson says

    No offence or anything mate, but I’m rather curious on your gender exactly?

  8. Sam Kaczmarek says

    I loved all your covers so much in middle school and have been going through really hard times lately and I stumbled upon this and rewatched all my old favorite covers and it genuinely made me feel better just like they would when I was younger. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with everyone and just being you 💕💕

  9. MaxxD17 says

    You should come back! Great voice!

  10. stan theman says

    I'm so happy I found my way back to your videos oh my god. I saw my friend Chance followed you on instagram and it brought me back 9 years to watching your covers with my sister. You were so oddly a main part of the bonding w my sister and I during that time. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mandy Adams says

    It's 4 am here and I just randomly remembered how much I used to love your videos. Specifically I'm thinking of a several part video where you read some of your writing and it was the most honest and touching thing to me. I'm a writer myself, and it inspired me so much to wear my heart out on my sleeve Like many, I grew up watching your covers. And I grew up watching you grow too. You are a beautiful human being. Just thought you should know the footprints you've left on people's lives just by being a creator. Thanks for being you. 🙂

  12. Deadassmick says

    i literally came here from watching ur cover of white lines and red lights

  13. Kelly Holmes says

    Wowwww I used to watch you so long ago! Amazing as usual! <3

  14. LeaAnne94 says

    Hey! Where'd you go?

  15. Angel says

    Your videos always make me so happy. You’ve always had such a lovely voice

  16. my meaty balls ack says

    came back to see if you're still posting, glad to see you're still here. found you in 2009 💟

  17. StarlightxSlasher224 says

    It’s been so long since I’ve heard you, I’m in tears 🥺 won’t ever forget your amazing covers. I didn’t realize how much I missed you, so happy I came back

  18. Sophia Rible says

    Wow I loved this! So nice to see you posting again

  19. Precious Pomerleau says

    😭😭 it's so nice to see your face and hear your voice.

  20. J says

    i forgot ab ur channel then remembered again i love this ur the shit

  21. ARUNK LEZAT says


  22. Technoob7 says

    I've been trying every way possible to remember/find your account and now that I have, I'm crying :') thank you. Thank you. Thank you

  23. Sleepygarnet DSO says

    no disrespect, just new here but I thought u were a dude.

  24. Katherine Perez says

    Please come back, it's been over a year:(

  25. Samuel Ryder says

    I’ve been watching your videos since 2009 so happy you are still posting, your videos feel like part of my childhood!

  26. Hally D says

    wow ♥ I've been watching your covers since like 2012. I'm so happy you're still singing.

  27. Paranoidbeing says

    I haven’t watched your videos since I was like 13! your videos were one of the first things that inspired me to sing / start writing songs. It makes me so happy to see you still doing this, you look really great and happy! Also love Soccer Mommy lol, great stuff!

  28. Gabi Rodriguez says

    Omggggg I grew up with your videos ❤❤❤

  29. VinceWilliams TV says

    I have the biggest crush on you!! Keep being beautiful!!!

  30. Marina Ashley says

    Are you the same person who made the cover of Grace looks back????

  31. Mr. Funny man says

    Do a nsn cover again❤

  32. Sam says

    WTF! How do you still look so good?

  33. Jerri Rose Troutman says

    WOW! I miss these covers. Does anyone have updated social links for their accounts??

  34. Esparanza Ortiz says

    Please do another cover im living for your voice ive been a fan for sooo long 💕

  35. Miranda says

    The last time I watched one of your videos was 8 years ago. It feels like yesterday!

  36. ashley Adeline says

    Post more please!!!!!

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