1. joshua arnaldo says

    what softwere do you use?

  2. datflipmel says

    What a fantastic video!!!

  3. Aljoscha Laschgari says

    Very cool bro!

  4. Bill Cruz says

    New sub here. What camera do you use?

  5. Ethan's Day says

    I like it

  6. William Olivieri says

    amazing! well done!

  7. Diego Stuart Films says


  8. Greig Booth says

    Good video. Pit about the song choice though, gives it that 90s sitcom feel.

  9. SamA says

    amazing new sub

  10. Summer Shen says

    Loved it! Do you fit your video to be the length of your music or the length of the music to fit the video?

  11. Leslie Acevedo says

    I'm from Costa Rica 🎉🙈❤️

  12. Justlife says

    looks verry nice, the drone shots ar top 👍

  13. indian vlog channel says

    what cameras do you use

  14. Neilventures EncryptedFilms says

    you guys are awesome ✌

  15. Djonko Jasmin says

    How long did it take you to edit this all together.

    Btw you got a new subscriber, keep up the good work bro!

  16. danial muhammad says

    this is amazing

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