1. Napoleon Mongeau says

    Edmund Fitzgerald jokes? Too soon bro, lol

  2. Russ Allen says

    @5:38 good joke

  3. Pleke animations says


  4. Richard Prichard says

    cant believe he skipped the end credits when it transitions to five

  5. 20_028_Ramadhan Kamil says

    I got an ad starring a young kid just after he says "a young kid" didn't make it

  6. Razay 95 says

    Covid is definitely a con saving throw

  7. Mike Jonez says

    I feel like your handling of the coronavirus is much better than Trump's.

  8. Luigi Gorre says

    Day 16 of asking oboe to play rdr2 snipers only, smoking every minute, and naming your horse bloodwing

  9. Luigi Gorre says

    Day 30 of asking oboe to play minecraft story mode

  10. Novu says

    Nah, Covid is a ranged AOE/DOT attack, with an effective radius of six feet.

  11. F1r5TBl0oD23 says

    You forgot to credit me for the crew trainer bit. It is I… FireBert2080

  12. Little Billiam says

    Day 74 of asking oboe to make a channel called oboeshoes tunes for all of his “parodies”

  13. Random Person says

    Day 146 of trying to get Oboe to do a Skyrim Sigurd RP

    Screw the mcrib, when are McDonald’s bringing back the tohunga?

  14. Micheal Linguini says

    hey he said my state

  15. Bruno Caracchini Mendoza says

    will you play strong bads game for attractive people

  16. True Guardian says

    Oboe is the only one that can talk politics because he will make it funny

  17. Lochlyn Gilberd says

    Dang I missed the stream. Atleast Oboe-shades-games can play Shooty fish game: Cold turkey now!

  18. Dead Meme says

    I haven't watched your videos in couple of months, good to see that comcast hasn't deleted your channel.

  19. Matěj Novotný says

    Are you gonna stream the second game ?

  20. succ mybut says

    I will be back oboe

  21. Luis Santiago says


  22. Fugnut says

    That black bird/ac130 cock tease was horrible

  23. Niel Fourie says

    Hmmm,Cape of Good hope does not get the hurricanes. They hit the hot side by Mozambique. That's how South Africa gets hurricanes.

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