Crash Bandicoot: Timetwister Fan Game | Texture Update [Outdated]


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OK. I have managed texture issue as you specified. Now all of textures are stylized-cartoonish. Plus, bonus level is completed!(or maybe a little more optimization) I’m going to work on rest of the map.

I have some problems with my video rendering software, sorry about blank spaces on the video.

What’s New:
– New cartoonish textures for original Crash Bandicoot game look
– Fixed an issue which makes the flowing water suddenly disappear
– Fixed sound attenuation radiuses
– Exclamation Crates(Not completed yet)
– Bonus Level
– New decors for walls
– …and I have started to work on rest of the map(as you can see on the end of the video)

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  1. over enigma says

    Parabéns pra quem criou fico muito bom e realista

  2. Shiki x Lavilla Titan says

    What happened to this?

  3. Coded Xtreme says

    Aku Aku flips are hilarious 😂

  4. Maria Socorro says

    Faz pra Android

  5. Stu D says

    1:21 WTF Aku?!

  6. Amos Ballico says

    still better than n sanity trilogy remastered!!!

  7. Fear the Meerkat! says

    Is anyone else having problems getting the TimeTwister website to work? It also says "The connection timed out" or something like that.

  8. Sergio Sandov says

    Hey dude, you have to read this. You are a Fucking Genius! A god! You'd already beat Activision and his fucking remastered versions. Keep going, please, i never seen a Crash game like this in my entire life! if this videogame, is big, you will be bigger! congratulations (Dude or girl) doesn't matter, congratulations (y) Like, fucking "share" and Sub+

  9. Noob says

    what software did you use to texture?

  10. GTalvim says

    pora lika video

  11. Jonas gameplays says

    o mano vc fala em português se vc falar leia o crash está muito legal

  12. Its Skippor says


  13. Sulltan Aldafery says

    Bro ?? Is this the new crash for ps4 ? Or what for !

  14. Ahmed A. says

    who else came here because of the Crash e3 announcement.

  15. Nicolaj jørgensen says

    can i download the game 🙂

  16. ReckLess says

    can i use this for a top 5 Crash bandicoot Fan game video

  17. Paul Sofronis says


  18. Sinan baba says


  19. wolfnoir says

    I want I pay u 2999€ now

  20. Lourival Santos says

    nice to back for Playstation 4
    Fan 'm CRASH since its launch Actvision please return our Crash for PlayStation

  21. Clementine says

    omfg this is fucking amazing

  22. John Taliban OfficiaL says

    Crash is Back! Woooooooooooooooooooow!

  23. adriana morales says

    i love what you did with the setting!! very spacious and i hear water sounds which was neat. the feathers were a nice touch (( :
    the only thing that bothered me was how crash spins. its not as fluid as the rest of his animations. also, the bonus level is missing light direction. either have light over the level or under cause it looks too dark for me to see but thats just being nitpicky.
    great work!!!! you must be pretty happy with the results (( :

  24. Rigo Pérez says

    me gustan los gráficos pero lo que con es el jiro el paso de crash

  25. stan man says


  26. TheMysteryGuyRetums says

    This game > Mario Paper Jam

  27. Tastefully Gaudy says

    Is the crash bandicoot franchise only for playstation?

  28. KAST PROD says


  29. Wire Knight says

    im happy to see that someone is making a fan game !

    and where do I download it (if its possible)

  30. ebo7na says

    can we download it after you finish it or you can't share this type of files online ?

  31. Pedro Martins says

    Everybody wants more Crash bandicoot :(((((

  32. EnigmaHood says

    Looks great! Stages a bit too spacious, but it's a great start. Keep it up!

  33. khalifa1942 says

    plz can you give me compile time between i7 +ht and i7 without ht how much compile time benfiit in % just small medium project tnx

  34. Ivan Platas says


  35. biadrum says

    will you release the game when finished?

  36. Илья says

    He runs like a serious sam

  37. Utana Vid says


  38. Ben M says

    WOW, if this actually happened on ps4..

  39. VoltYax Bro says

    why so fake….

  40. butt wrecker says

    32-bit… PLEASE

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