Hey team, and welcome to the 187th episode of this Cricket 19 career mode! In today’s episode we finish off an incredible English summer with the last few days of the fifth Ashes test. Can Australia cap off the perfect summer or will England rain on their parade? To find out, sit back, relax, stay safe, and get amongst the action!


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  1. Retro Legend says

    Headline : ponting believes Australia lost the ashes after the miracle chase

  2. Chaffers and Bray says

    Any chance you could give a shout out to Excellent real time online game which has been going for over a decade now…

  3. Talent Hub says

    Wat out the top record of Lasith Malinga who is the top bowler of T20
    and IPL

  4. Grant Mccarthy says

    Will cricket 19 be carrying over to ps5?

  5. NoBS Gaming says

    For the review did you consider that it dropped short

  6. Ramana Muthukumaran says

    6:50 They went to look for lbw only after they found no-bat and you skipped that. This game is shit but you can't blame the game for everything, mate.

  7. mitchell baker says

    Headline: Holden's ton secures English Ashes victory
    Sub-Headline: Aggressive batting rains on Weaver's parade

  8. Young Clueless says

    Glad to be in the newsroom for the 45th time 😂😂

  9. Tarun V says

    Loved the editing style in the end

  10. Tommy Phillips says

    Headline: Aussie Captaincy in doubt as England retain the Ashes?

  11. Steve Fox says
  12. JSlushy says

    Headline: Aggressive ground stroke causes an aggressive Gareth

  13. Trishabh Vats says

    Holden becomes Ashes Hero as England wins back the Ashes

  14. JAITE BHURE says

    How do you get this headlines is it available in game???? Please tell me

  15. Влада Гладка says
  16. Haz says

    Use this comment as a petition for Gareth to STOP USING THE AGRESSIVE GROUND STROKES!!!!!!

  17. Rajesh Mishra says

    Headlines: Weaver's Captaincy at risk after the ashes loss?

  18. hodgo12100 says

    I think you need to stop with the aggressive ground strokes you go out to them 99 times out of 100.
    Great vids man keep it up.

  19. Thirsty Gamer says

    Love how Gareth is more energetic in his videos rather than his streams

  20. Genix says

    Headline: $1.65 Favourites cruise home on the back of Holden brilliance

  21. Mainsey Maines says

    Hey gaz, just would like to inform you that you’re very arousing.

  22. Beau Playz says

    Ashes England has won 3.2 in joe roots retrenched ?

  23. Shaneet Saha says

    Holden did an amazing century, Lyndon James and Jofra gave a lot of support, but nobody else got going though.

  24. Shaneet Saha says

    Gareth and Jake BFFs?

  25. Aarav Worah says


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