Cricket ZTE Score X500 Master Hard Reset Recovery Mode Menu Factory External Key-Combo


This 40 second guide gets right to the point, just hold “volume down+camera+power” till you get to the android triangle screen and then tap the Menu button to continue to the recovery mode menu.

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  1. Byron Omar Lemus says

    Thanks it was useful for me and your video

  2. the phenom!!! says

    Where is the sim card somebody pleasw

  3. Carol Esparza says

    My phone is stuck on the start up mode android system the the green person. Doesn't start up.

  4. Bryant says

    You didn't say how to select the prompt

  5. Thomas Cruz says

    You are my SAVIOR!!  My phone got that shitty FBI Moneypak virus and everyone else told me there was no possible way to boot ANY ZTE in safe mode.  You saved my phone! BTW this also works for the ZTE Groove (my phone)

  6. Daniela Romero says

    And if our camera button does not work?is necessary the button?


    bro thanks so fucken much  -not gunna sobscribe tho

  8. Frank says


  9. SamStealth7 says

    Thanks for the video bud.
    Short and sweet.

    Worked perfectly

  10. Vicioso Juan says

    maybe u' have the update or a os andorid for zte score x500 for download?
    i need help.

  11. DingDangDole says

    "Power off phone before holding down the 3 buttons"

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