1. EternityFlow says

    Why do hackers exist in the plat era (your team and enemies are plat for sure don’t tell me they r close to spec)

  2. Learn German says

    He Was Not A Hacker Wht Do U Atculy Expect From A Elite Ops And Bro He Hot Banned Cause Many Players Reported Him It's A Critical Force Problem

  3. Xela IOS says

    I got 19-0 before and lost my 20th match cuz of rain hacker

  4. unknown says

    Gaitonde wasnt hacking. He was elite ops and yall just master. What do y think elite ops vs master score would be.

  5. Chaganti Nageswarrao says

    Mrvl nab clan inv hackers

  6. Sonia Dangi says

    See guys u know twist he party with hackers but he didnt knew that they hacks same happen someone from our clan recommended him so we took him but we didnt knew he hacks thats why then when we got to know that he hacks we asap kicked him And its ur choice what u think but this is reality i told u

  7. Megaman Wins says


  8. FBR BRO says

    bro in this game so always when 1 in 3 then cheats banyat with me so 3 times beat

  9. eXizen says

    These hackers just ruin the gaming eXperince nothing else 🤕🤕

  10. Dil says

    You are one squealing rat aren’t you…desperate for content…ever imagined that this was the hackers first fucking match with us….and we got to fucking know after this match….but no….u all will spread the fake news that we intentionally recruit….noxious gaming told me ur his cousin…so that is why I’m not abusing the shit out of you….start posting legitimate content….

  11. Om Yadav says

    I can still Play c ops In asians Server not crashing also 50m downloads in asia nice but c ops why removed from playstore and appstare

  12. NOVA l HaCkInG - тнє кιиg σf ѕуиc says

    they had grenades because they didn't update the game, I think

  13. Tushar Sharma 06 says

    Sorry bro for unsubscribing…. But here for us this game is dead… And now it's no meaning to see ur c-ops videos…. #RELOADEDisSHIT

  14. White Lego Man says

    i got fucking false banned because kid from howi clan told his friends i was fucking cheating

  15. Yes Br0 says

    Bro unlucky last round they got banned U could have won 🙁

  16. Adityansh says

    Dude They Not hacking , it can be clearly seen Every control panel in B site Is bangable now….

  17. Adityansh says

    Only indian know :- Gaitonde name xd

  18. Hayate iOS says

    Ayooooooo this guy got to 700 subs coz of 4K views bruh

  19. MrGamer 123 says

    nice 16-0 win

  20. Inferno says

    Professional Indian Clans Player right there

  21. Inferno says


  22. PUR3 C-OPS says

    I was partying with a elite ops smurf( he is my frnd) and the other team thought that he was a hacker so all of them reported him and guess whatHe got banned…we lost the match

  23. Abc def says

    so 16-0 wins mean he is a hacker lol you dumb

  24. Hakeem says

    they mite be lucky wat

  25. Not OtiX- says

    Plz setting

  26. B r o w n 1 e says

    I’m to hack in new update is ez ever btw am not a hacker

  27. Ashwin Chiyyarath says

    Yo you got 2.6k views. CONGRATS!!

  28. 00bruh CHEATS says

    CHEATERS NO HACKERS !@!!1!1!1!!!

  29. Patricia Foy says

    I support u I was in a costume game and there was this level one ops he keep no scoping locking on head shots I got mad but they ban him then guess what ur going to have to read moreHe keep coming back over and over he got banned atlest 20 times in that game I got pissed 😡😡😡😡😡

  30. Naman Sharma says

    I always knew Mrvl is boosted

  31. I’m gay says

    Nice 700 subs!

  32. critical7 gamer says

    Ngl every time I report a hacker and they don't get banned then I lose the match 😂😂😂😂

  33. Om Parkash says

    Omg Gaitonde- is my friend

  34. BLACKKING OP says

    Same here but i got many kills 😉

  35. Been The Boy says


  36. Sambhu Sarkar says

    U r noobU have to use tactics to play against hackerd

  37. I’m gay says

    Aight,first of all gaitonade wasn’t hacking he was just very good, pramod was hacking as I was in 3 games with them,1 vs (2 looking if they were actually hacking) so therefore I Beilieve gaitonade should’ve not get banned.

  38. I’m gay says


  39. I’m gay says


  40. ScaredYs YT says

    Road to 700subs?

  41. Who is Make_4k says

    I met a hacker too lol and he was from MrvL

  42. Reaper OwO says

    We scrimmed MrvL they had a hacker when hacker dc they went negative so hard :(( we still lost

  43. MLP OFFICIAL says

    Hacker banned timing was so bad

  44. Inferno God says

    Mrvl bots just know how to hack mf kids

  45. Mr Cloud says

    Clickbait thumbnail huh…i hate it

  46. MaturegamerHD says

    hahhaha nc u recorded that game, me In_your_face btw 😂👍🏽

  47. Scottdale17 says

    Cool video Nervous ios keep uploading😄imma report that hacking🙂

  48. Jin says

    What headphone or earphone you use?By The Way as you have ios so u can turn on do not disturb option from control centre (that moon symbol) which will disable notifications just go in setting and set it 👍🏻

  49. Rekt xD says

    Bro how u get 60fps not change if I 56,59

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