1. JJ Plays says

    love the halloween intro

  2. Anaile Abreu says

    That’s so cozy ❤️ I wish my real house was like that

  3. Valery 91 says

    Sorry but I can't find these CC on your Tumblr ☹️☹️

  4. Tiny SIMS says

    Beautiful 🤍

  5. allan says

    You are the best! Your videos are so relaxing and inspire me so much! Brazil 🇧🇷

  6. Banana Builds says

    He Sims Gallery

  7. Keisha Williams says

    I love the Halloween into sooo much!! 💗🦇 🎃

  8. Heather Baumberger says

    Your builds are the best. They are gorgeous!😍😍

  9. ANNA says

    This is soooo cool

  10. Mara VD says

    Can you pls make a house for 1 person???♡

  11. Jasmin Erdem says

    Beautiful ❤️

  12. living the gacha life says

    Can u plz build a cabin

  13. Eva Johnston says


  14. says

    gucci gucci gucci nike nike nike dior dior flex dior dior flex

  15. kit kat miakkur says

    first one here uhh

  16. maria geronikolou says

    which is ur tumblr? i want these cc links!!!

  17. Pastel Panda says

    It’s sooo cute can I have this house to live in? And ilysm!

  18. Bluebell Sims says

    All your builds are so pretty!

  19. World Builder says

    CC windows that work!? Omg

  20. Jaden -_- the girl says

    I love it 😍😍 your builds are gorgeous

  21. Yeonjuns Thighs says

    This is so pretty😏❤️

  22. Vanessa Perez says

    I would love to move my sim into one of your houses 🥰

  23. Ivannah-Anne Van Jaarsveldt says

    drop cc links please 🥺 also, love your channel 🤍

  24. Lovisa Nilsson says

    I love you❤️you so good at sims🥺

  25. Blue_Bxiy says

    I am the 13!

  26. Hanna Nilsson says

    You are so good at sims!!🔥🥰

  27. Kaitlynn Paige says

    Hii 💗

  28. Yasminclarice2008 Lourenco says

    Hi I love your videos and you

  29. Conny Vaeth says


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