1. Kazuliski says

    Thank you for Chippin' In! Need Cyberpunk 2077 Lore? Check out: https://bit.ly/2DmU66x

  2. NeedsContent says

    So fucking hyped for this game.

  3. Skully TheGoblin says


  4. Xela Haon says

    This track is sick

  5. Jenova__Witness says

    Goddamn this is slappin'

  6. MinionOfDeth2112 says

    The perfect song for a violent chase sequence through an urban jungle full of neon knights within a concrete society…

  7. fantazjo says

    club music ….. had a chance to drink to such things but in the end it's more of a background that something that would actually have any meaning

  8. Cyberpunk Nerd says

    We finally have some energetic, atmospheric and upbeat video game music in the modern era.

  9. phantommanass says

    Spotify fucking sucks ass so I'm glad these are being uploaded somewhere.

  10. John Smith says

    There was alot of new footage tonight!

  11. Fame Sprewell says

    Where were they uploaded

  12. Dave L says

    I have to go change my shorts

  13. Mr Swoopy says

    More music!!!

  14. Ghostsdragon says

    where did you find these songs?

  15. Croz Raven says

    This is a very electrifying urban jungle feels. So unique.

  16. XxSamurai Gaming BeastxX says

    I meant really great job on the uploads you are AWESOME!!!!!

  17. Leonor Gamer says


  18. oliver pietkun says


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