1. Kazuliski says

    Thank you for Chippin' In! Need Cyberpunk 2077 Lore? Check out: https://bit.ly/2DmU66x

  2. Skully TheGoblin says


  3. Ellie says

    I love the ambience in this music

  4. fantazjo says

    i'm also glad that there are beards in character creator

  5. fantazjo says

    music good for main menu

  6. fantazjo says

    finally acpa shown moving at front
    to me it is clearly inspired by ED 209 from robocop
    i must applaud them for showing installation of cyberware (i was impressed by it since 2018 (especially eye installation))

  7. fantazjo says

    was that underwater exploration real because it made me really wet (let's talk about cyber gills and their use in game (another thing i pushed for in comments))

  8. fantazjo says

    av mission went bad (sounds like a really fun part)

  9. Federico Samperi says

    Wow, man, what work behind it

  10. Maze L says

    Bro no way when I was a 9 yrold I watched the first commercial

  11. Charles Smith says

    21 days, 3 weeks until 3d night city (and Nomad) adventures, choombas!

  12. Sentry331 says

    Nice atmosphere music. Where did you find the track Kaz?

  13. Dr Eamus says

    Cool! Vangelis style

  14. Kimberly Gaugh says

    Hey Kazuliski! Is that Anthony Gilchrist at 2:08?

  15. nate legue says

    I must get this when it come out….no way I'm not gonna

  16. XxSamurai Gaming BeastxX says

    Good job on the up loads

  17. ジェラルド says

    Grande CDprojekt lml

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